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ConAgra Brands, Inc.


ConAgra Foods, Inc., headquartered in Omaha, NE, is a national food manufacturer that provides a wide range of products for consumers and foodservice industry professionals. The company has two primary business segments, Consumer Foods and Commercial Products. The Consumer Foods segment includes branded and private label food products, which are sold in various retail and foodservice channels. The Commercial Foods segment includes commercially branded foods and ingredients.
(312) 549-5000
Chicago, IL USA
Primary Address:
222 West Merchandise Mart Plaza
Chicago, IL 60654
Parent Company:
ConAgra Brands, Inc.

Employees (83)

NameTitleEmailPhone NumberSocial Media
H**** A********Brand Manager, Management - PAM & Wish-Boneh*************[email protected](312) 549-****
C****** A*****Director, Marketing Procurement & Corporate Communicationsc************[email protected](312) 549-****
J***** A****Senior Vice President, Salesj**********[email protected](312) 549-****
A*** B****Brand Manager - Proteins & Spreadsa********[email protected](312) 549-****
A*** B*********Director, Mediaa*************[email protected](312) 549-****
N***** B********Senior Brand Manager - Popcorn & Salty Snacksn**************[email protected](312) 549-****
J** B*****Brand Managerj********[email protected](312) 549-****
C**** B********Director, Business Developmentc*************[email protected](312) 549-****
D** B******Vice President, Marketing & Ecommerce Technologyd*********[email protected](312) 549-****
M****** B****Senior Brand Manager - Marie Callender'sm***********[email protected](312) 549-****
R****** C*******Senior Brand Manager - Innovation & Activationr**************[email protected](312) 549-****
B*** C*****Vice Presidentb*********[email protected](312) 549-****
B**** C*****Director, Brand Marketing - Convenient Mealsb**********[email protected](312) 549-****
L*** C*****Senior Director, Brand Designl*********[email protected](312) 549-****
M****** C*******Consumer Insights Managerm**************[email protected](312) 549-****
T**** C******Senior Manager, Market Strategy & Planningt***********[email protected](416) 679-****
S*** C*******Chief Executive Officer & Presidents***********[email protected](312) 549-****
K***** C*********Associate Brand Manager - Frozen Better for You Mealsk***************[email protected](312) 549-****
M****** C******Vice President, Communicationsm*************[email protected](312) 549-****
D**** D* ** *****Executive Vice President & Chief Customer Officerd*************[email protected](312) 549-****
J*** D*****Vice President & General Managerj*********[email protected](312) 549-****
J***** D*****Brand Manager - Emerging Natural Productsj***********[email protected](312) 549-****
S****** E********Vice President, Saless***************[email protected](312) 549-****
R***** F******Senior Procurement Specialistr************[email protected]
S****** F*******Vice President & General Manager - Snackss**************[email protected]
L**** F*******Senior Director, Brand Communicationsl************[email protected]
A*** G****National Account Managera********[email protected]
C****** G****Senior Continuous Improvement Specialistc***************[email protected]
B**** H*****Senior Vice President & Chief Procurement Officerb**********[email protected]
N***** H*******Advertising Content Producern*************[email protected]
D** H***Senior Director, Corporate Communicationsd*********[email protected]
J** H*****Senior Vice President & Chief Communications Officerj********[email protected]
W****** H*******Senior Brand Manager - Enhancersw**************[email protected]
R***** H****Customer Business Managerr**********[email protected]
A***** I********Director, Branda**************[email protected]
G*** K******Commerce Marketing Managere************[email protected]
J** K******President & Chairmanj*********[email protected]
A***** K*****Marketing Manager, Shopper - Walmart Teama***********[email protected]
J*** K*****Associate Procurement Specialist, Marketingj*********[email protected]
P**** M********Director, Sales - Loblaw, SDM, UNFI & Private Labelp*************[email protected]
A*** M*****Senior Brand Manager, Protein Snacks - Slim Jim, Duke's, Penrose, David & BIGSa*********[email protected]
A***** N*****Senior Brand Manager, Innovation & Strategy - Duncan Hinesa***********[email protected]
R***** N*****Brand Managerr***********[email protected]
E**** N********Director, Market Developmente*************[email protected]
P*** N*********Brand Manager, Rfg/Fz - Sweet Treats & Snacksp*************[email protected]
M******* N******Brand Manager - Health Choice & Evolm**************[email protected]
B** N****Senior Vice President, Insights & Analyticsb*******[email protected]
A** M*****Manager, Brand Communicationsa********[email protected]
T** M******Co-Chief Operating Officert*********[email protected]
D*** M******Vice President, Precision Marketingd**********[email protected]
J*** K******Interactive Marketing Managerj**********[email protected]
P**** L******Brand Manager - Groceryp***********[email protected]
S**** L*****Brand Manager - Vlasic Pickless**********[email protected]
K**** L*****Director, Data Managementk**********[email protected]
J******* L***j***********[email protected]
D**** M********Chief Financial Officer & Executive Vice Presidentd************[email protected]
K** O******Customer Marketing Managerk*********[email protected]
M*** P****Director, Shopper Marketingm********[email protected]
A***** P*****Customer Marketing Manager - Strategic Accountsa***********[email protected]
J** P*******Senior Vice President, Engineeringj**********[email protected]
B**** R****President - Grocery & Snacks Brandsb*********[email protected]
M****** R****Manager, Go-to-Market Insightsm***********[email protected]
A**** R****Senior Director, Content Strategy & Productiona*********[email protected]
C**** R*******Senior Brand Managerc************[email protected]
I** R******Vice President & General Manager - Food Servicei*********[email protected]
J****** R****Brand Managerj***********[email protected]
K******* S*****Associate Brand Manager - Duncan Hines, Gluten Free Sweet Treatsk*************[email protected]
T******* S******Senior Director, Research & Development Performance Optimizationt**************[email protected]
M*** S******Director, Salesm**********[email protected]
D***** S*****Executive Vice President & Co-Chief Operating Officerd***********[email protected]
M**** S****Chief Information Officer - Global Business & Information Servicesm*********[email protected]
D** S******Communications Managerd*********[email protected]
A***** S****Brand Directora**********[email protected]
L**** S********Senior Brand Director - Canadal*************[email protected]
C***** S******Brand Director - Popcorn & Salty Snacksc************[email protected]
E*** S****Senior Brand Manager - Popcorn & Sweet Treatse********[email protected]
E*** T***Brand Director - Protein Snacking Groupe*******[email protected]
J******* v** ** *****Associate Brand Manager - Mealsj*****************[email protected]
A**** V******Senior Brand Manager - Convenient Mealsa*********[email protected]
J**** V********Manager, Consumer Insights & Analytics - Strategyj*************[email protected]
R*** V****Senior Director, Finance - Strategy & Mergers & Acquisitionsr********[email protected]
M****** W******Brand Director, Birds Eyem*************[email protected]
A******* W******Associate Brand Manager, Development - Duncan Hinesa**************[email protected]
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