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Colorado Rockies Baseball Club


The Colorado Rockies Baseball Club are a professional baseball team based in Denver, CO. The organization is a part of the West Division of the National League of Major League Baseball.
(303) 292-0200
Denver, CO USA
Primary Address:
2001 Blake Street
Denver, CO 80205-2000
Parent Company:
Colorado Rockies Baseball Club

Employees (47)

NameTitleEmailPhone NumberSocial Media
T**** A*****Assistant Director - Suites & Party Facilitiesa*****[email protected](303) 292-****
K*** A*******Senior Director, Client Services & Eventsk***********[email protected](303) 292-****
G****** B*****Assistant Director, Inside & Outbound Salesb*****[email protected](303) 292-****
J*** B*****Senior Director, Season Tickets, Renewals & Business Strategyj*********[email protected](303) 292-****
J***** B******Manager, Inside Salesj************[email protected](303) 292-****
A*** B******Manager, Clubhouse Purchasing & Visiting Clubhouseb******[email protected](303) 292-****
H***** B*****Account Executive, Group Salesh***********[email protected](303) 292-****
S***** B****Senior Director - Guest Serviceb****[email protected](303) 292-****
L**** C*******Accountantl************[email protected](303) 292-****
M****** C******Social Media Assistantm*************[email protected](303) 292-****
B****** C******Coordinator, Promotions & Event Operations, Broadcastb*************[email protected](303) 292-****
K**** C******Assistant, Communicationsk***********[email protected](303) 292-****
S***** C******Communications Supervisors************[email protected](303) 292-****
D***** D****Director, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Recruitingd**********[email protected](303) 292-****
P*** E****Senior Director, Major Leagues Operationse****[email protected](303) 292-****
P*** E******Senior Director, Accountingp**********[email protected](303) 292-****
G*** F*****Chief Operating Officer & Executive Vice President
K**** F****Assistant Director, Ticket Operationsk*********[email protected]
A** G****Coordinator, Client Services & Corporate Partnershipsa*******[email protected]
M*** G********Senior Director, Scouting Operationsg********[email protected]
M*** H*****Senior Director, Groups, Suites & Outbound Salesm*********[email protected]
K*** H****Senior Director, Ticket Services, Finance & Technologyk********[email protected]
A**** H*******Senior Director, Retail Operationsa************[email protected]
A******** H***Manager, In-Game Entertainment & Event Operationsa*******[email protected]
E*** H*****Digital Communications & Social Media Managere*********[email protected]
K**** K***Vice President & Chief Customer Officer - Ballpark Operationsk***[email protected]
J** K******Vice President, Community & Retail Operationsj********[email protected]
M****** K***Vice President, Chief Financial Officerm**********[email protected]
S**** N****Manager, Ticket Operationss*********[email protected]
W***** M******Vice President, Corporate Partnershipsw************[email protected]
R****** M******Co-Owner, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer
C****** M******Co-Owner & General Partnerc*************[email protected]
S** *** M*******Vice President, Ticket Sales, Operations & Servicess**********[email protected]
K*** K*********Senior Director, In-Game Entertainment & Broadcastingk*************[email protected]
G*** L*******Senior Director, Procurementg***********[email protected]
C*** L*****Director, Communicationsc*********[email protected]
R***** L*********Communications Assistantr***************[email protected]
B**** O******Manager, Promotions & Event Operationsb**********[email protected]
T** P*****Senior Director - Medical Operations & Special Projectsp*****[email protected]
H***** R***Executive Vice Presidenth******[email protected]
T**** S******Senior Account Executive, Season, Group Ticket & Suite Salest***********[email protected]
E******** S********Vice President, Human Resourcese*****************[email protected]
S**** T***Editor & Designer - Communications & Marketings********[email protected]
N***** V********Assistant Director, Corporate Partnershipsn************[email protected]
A******* V****Administrator, Community & Retail Operationsa************[email protected]
R***** W********Purchasing Coordinatorr**************[email protected]
E**** W*****Coordinator, Promotions & Event Operationse**********[email protected]
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