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Cisco Systems, Inc.


Cisco Systems, Inc. headquartered in San Jose, CA, designs, manufactures and sells networking related products to the communications and information technology industry, and provides services associated with these products and their use. The company's products are installed at corporations, public institutions, telecommunications companies, and small businesses worldwide.
(408) 526-4000
San Jose, CA USA
Primary Address:
170 West Tasman Drive
San Jose, CA 95134-1706
Parent Company:
Cisco Systems, Inc.

Employees (156)

NameTitleEmailPhone NumberSocial Media
R***** A***Chief Technology Officer & Senior Vice Presidenta**[email protected](408) 526-****
I***** A**Account Manager - Global Enterprisei***[email protected](408) 526-****
J**** A**********Vice President, Customer Experiencej***************[email protected](408) 526-****
M*** A******Vice President, Communications, Marketing, Events & Employer Brandingm******[email protected](408) 526-****
D***** A***Demand Generation Director, Growth Marketing - Americasd***[email protected](416) 306-****
S** B****Art Director - The Hatchs*******[email protected](408) 526-****
C******** B*******Senior Director, Integrated Marketingc****************[email protected](408) 526-****
P*** B****Senior Vice President & Chief Accounting Officerp****[email protected](408) 526-****
A** B********Lead, Customer Experience Partner Marketinga******[email protected](408) 526-****
R**** B***Director, Business Critical Communicationsr******[email protected](408) 526-****
(408) 853-****
A** B***Manager, Paid Media Advertising - Americasa******[email protected](408) 526-****
H**** B*****Virtual Sales Account Managerh**********[email protected](408) 526-****
A*** B**Engineer, Technical Marketinga**[email protected](408) 526-****
G******** B*******Manager, Partner Operations - Services & Softwareg******[email protected](408) 526-****
(832) 248-****
D***** B******Manager, Cisco Communityd******[email protected](408) 526-****
J***** B******Chief, Staff & Director, Strategy & Planningj******[email protected](408) 526-****
J******* B*********Internal & Executive Communication Managerj******[email protected](408) 526-****
N****** B*****Communications Managern************[email protected](408) 526-****
J** B***Mid-Market Channel Manager - Partner Operationsj******[email protected](408) 526-****
K******** C*******Senior Director, Corporate Affairs - Field Operations & Marketingk***[email protected](408) 526-****
T** C*****Territory Account Managert*****[email protected](408) 526-****
(330) 523-****
P**** C*******Senior Director, Global Brand Strategy & Contentp************[email protected](408) 526-****
K** C******Senior Vice President, Strategy & Operations - Enterprise Networking & Cloudk*[email protected](408) 526-****
(408) 527-****
D**** C***Product & Solutions Marketing Managerd***[email protected](408) 526-****
F***** C**Director, Cisco Newsroom & Paid Media Partnerships(408) 526-****
C****** C******Global Partner Marketing Leader - Strategy, Planning, Operations & Communicationsc******[email protected](408) 526-****
E**** C*******Area Vice Presidente************[email protected](408) 526-****
B****** C*******Market Manager, U.S. Segment & Industriesb******[email protected](408) 526-****
H**** C*****Chief, Staff & Senior Director, Strategyh*****[email protected]
G*** D** *****Senior Director, Supply Chain Transformationg******[email protected](408) 526-****
D*** D****Global Insights & Analytics Manager, Strategic Insightsd*****[email protected](408) 526-****
J******* D****Marketing Data Analystj************[email protected](408) 526-****
V**** D* *****Vice President, Communicationsv******[email protected](408) 526-****
L*** D*****Global Programmatic Media Leadl*********[email protected](408) 526-****
M** D******DevNet Developer Advocated*****[email protected](408) 526-****
K**** D****Senior Director, US Country Marketingk****[email protected](408) 526-****
(703) 484-****
G****** D****Vice President, Product, Secure Access, Enterprise Networking & Cloudg****[email protected](408) 526-****
K**** D****Senior Manager, Strategy & Program Acceleration, Global Product Marketingk*****[email protected](408) 526-****
(949) 823-****
C***** D****Director, Global Hybrid Strategy, People & Communities Solutionsc****[email protected](408) 526-****
B**** E****Director, Global Sponsorshipsb******[email protected](408) 526-****
G**** E******Chief Customer & Partner Officerg***[email protected](408) 526-****
(408) 525-****
C****** E******Industry Marketing Lead - Latin Americac******[email protected]
D*** E****Senior Market Intelligence Director, Corporate Financiald*****[email protected]
Z*** F*****Global Brand Marketing Managerz*****[email protected]
D*** F****Service Provider Account Managerd***[email protected]
K**** F*****Director, Chief, Staff & Marketing & & Communications Leadk******[email protected]
S**** G*****Project Managerg****[email protected]
A*** G*******Director, Technical Marketinga******[email protected]
A***** G******Senior Vice President, Methods & Intelligencea*****[email protected]
H****** G***Director, Communicationsh**********[email protected]
F**** G***Vice President, Customer Solutions Marketingf***[email protected]
E******* G*****Head, Global Experiential Marketinge*************[email protected]
L**** G******Human Resource Managerl***********[email protected]
J** G****Chief Technology Evangelistj****[email protected]
A** ***** H*****Collaboration Regional Manager - Virtual Salesa*************[email protected]
D** H******Head, Strategy, Planning & Operationsd******[email protected]
J****** H********Global Advocacy Communication Managerj********[email protected]
J******* H*Communications Manager Growth Marketingj***[email protected]
J**** H**Vice President, Cisco Investmentsj**[email protected]
D**** H***Senior Director, Digital Marketingd********[email protected]
Y******* H****Director & Systems Engineery******[email protected]
V***** H*********Manager, Marketing Operationsv*********[email protected]
D**** I******Senior Vice President, Corporate Development & Cisco Investmentsd******[email protected]
H***** J***Chief Privacy Officer & Vice Presidentj***[email protected]
C******** J*******Fortune 100 Customer Storytellingc*******[email protected]
A*** J*****Leader, Data Educationj****[email protected]
F******* K********Executive Vice President & Chief People, Policy & Purpose Officerf********[email protected]
T** K****Product Marketing Manager - Cloud Cyber Security
J*** K***Senior Vice President, Supply Chain Operationsj******[email protected]
A***** K******Digital Marketing Managera******[email protected]
A*** K*****Operations Managera*****[email protected]
J*** K*****Director, Application Securityj******[email protected]
L****** K****Sales Leader - U.S. Armyl****[email protected]
M***** K*****Senior Director, Digital Customer Experiencem***********[email protected]
A** N*****Manager, Talent Acquisition - Merakia*[email protected]
A*** N******Senior Director, Strategy & Planninga******[email protected]
E*** M*******Global Brand Marketing, Writer & Content Strategist - The Hatch
M**** M*****Program Managerm**********[email protected]
L**** M******Director, Customer Experience Product Marketingl******[email protected]
C***** M******Operations Specialist - Threat & Investigationsc******[email protected]
B**** M*****Cisco Managed Services Software Engineerb**********[email protected]
A***** M******Senior Marketing Program Managera******[email protected]
B**** M******Technical Marketing Engineerb******[email protected]
W**** M*******Head, Government Affairs - Washington Officew*******[email protected]
P**** M*******Head, Product Marketing, Cisco Internet, Things
J****** M******Director, Portfolio Developmentj******[email protected]
A***** M******Global Lead, Sports Sponsorships Marketinga************[email protected]
C****** M******Product Line Managerc******[email protected]
S******** K******Manager, Technical Marketing - Enterprise Marketing
D** K********Senior Manager, Service Provider Mobility Marketing & 5G Marketing Leadd******[email protected]
S**** L*****Marketing Manager - Global Industriess**********[email protected]
J*** L****Director, Demand Response Teamj********[email protected]
G*** L*****Senior Engineer, Technical Marketingg*****[email protected]
N****** L********Chief Marketing Officer & Vice President - Cisco Securityn***************[email protected]
D** L***Security Partner Marketing Managerd******[email protected]
J*** L****Systems Engineerj****[email protected]
A****** L******Project Managera*************[email protected]
D**** M******Senior Manager, Marketing Strategy & Business Developmentd******[email protected]
Y***** M*******Data Privacy Response Leadery*******[email protected]
J*** M******Head, Cloud, Security & Virtualization Solutions Marketingj******[email protected]
M**** M*******Chief Operating Officer
A*** M****Manager, Event & Digital Marketinga****[email protected]
A**** O***Engineer, Technical Marketinga****[email protected]
R*** O******Senior Director, Marketing - Demand Generation, Inbound & Digital & Revenue Managementr******[email protected]
G****** O***Marketing Lead - Cisco Investmentsg***[email protected]
C******** O***Director, Marketing Velocity & Partner Programc***[email protected]
B**** O*******Senior Manager, Partner Programsb******[email protected]
C***** P****Chief Marketing Officer & Senior Vice Presidentc**********[email protected]
M**** P****Chief Intelligence Analyst - Investor Relationsm****[email protected]
D******* P******Technical Marketing Engineerd******[email protected]
E***** P*******Software Engineere*******[email protected]
V****** P*****Executive Producer & Production Lead - The Hatchv************[email protected]
J**** P*********Senior Director, Global Mediaj**************[email protected]
A***** P*******Engineer - Technical Consultinga*******[email protected]
J***** Q****Senior Manager, Digital & Social & Omnichannel Strategy - Global Partner Marketingj*****[email protected]
M*** R**********Senior Manager, Provider Strategy & Program Management, Global Partner Organizationm**************[email protected]
V**** R******Cloud & Data Center Interconnect Component Salesv******[email protected]
A**** R***********Chief Marketing Officer - Webex Collaborationa****************[email protected]
E******** R*****Director, Communications Intelligencee**************[email protected]
R** R*****Channel Account Managerr*****[email protected]
C**** R******Chairman & Chief Executive Officerc******[email protected]
R***** R******Vice President, Sales - Global Enterpriser************[email protected]
D** R****Senior Marketing Manager, Cloud Collaboration Technology Groupd*******[email protected]
A*** S******Brand Marketing Managera******[email protected]
E* S*****Customer Interaction Practice Lead & Unified Communication Specialiste******[email protected]
J*** S******Chief Strategy Officer, Security & Collaborationj**********[email protected]
B*** S******Senior Marketing Managerb******[email protected]
T*** S******Vice President, Digital & Growth Marketingt**********[email protected]
G*** S****Senior Manager, System Engineering - Southeastern SLED Marketg*****[email protected]
J*** S********Marketing Managerj******[email protected]
J** S******Account Manager
T** S********Engineer, Technical Marketingt*[email protected]
J*** S*******Global Leader, Consumption Economics & Finance Product Developmentj*******[email protected]
J** T*****Technical Marketing Engineerj*****[email protected]
O*** T******Vice President & General Manager, Customer Experienceo******[email protected]
B*** T*****Senior Manager, Engineering & Architectureb******[email protected]
J** T******Virtual Services Account Managerj******[email protected]
L**** U**Manager, Digital Learning Experiences
C****** V*****Senior Programs Manager, Learning & Developmentc******[email protected]
C*** V****Senior Manager - Cisco.comc****[email protected]
D*** V****Senior Marketing Manager - America's Partner Organizationd****[email protected]
C**** V*******Manager, Investor Relationsc****[email protected]
J** W****Senior Vice President, Growth Marketingj*******[email protected]
C**** W***Technical Marketing Engineerc****[email protected]
K**** W***Director, Digital Marketing & Content Strategyk********[email protected]
T*** W***Manager, Customer Experience Centert****[email protected]
K**** W*****Leader, Digital Customer Success - Cloud Securityk*****[email protected]
D**** W*****Senior Director, Artificial Intelligenced**********[email protected]
J*** W*****Senior Manager, Leadership & Team Intelligencew*****[email protected]
E******** W*****Program Lead, Executive Sponsorship & Country Leader Center Excellencee*****[email protected]
L**** W*****Enterprise Account Managerl*****[email protected]
A**** W*****Distinguished Engineera******[email protected]
I******* Y***Chief, Staff & Director, Business Development & Sales Operationsi***[email protected]
T** Y**Senior Vice President, Corporate Affairs & Corporate Social Responsibilityt*****[email protected]
A******** Z*****Vice President, Partner Managed & as-a-Service, Global Partner Salesa*****[email protected]
O*** Z*****Head, Small Business Marketing - Canadao*****[email protected]
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