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Cineplex Inc.


Cineplex Galaxy Income Fund, headquartered in Toronto, ON, is one of the largest movie exhibitors in Canada. They company operates theaters across Canada and also operates specialty 3D, IMax, and digital projection theaters.
(416) 323-6600
Toronto, ON Canada
Primary Address:
1303 Yonge Street
Toronto, ON M4T 2Y9
Parent Company:
Cineplex Inc.

Employees (30)

NameTitleEmailPhone NumberSocial Media
C*** A*****Senior Sales Directorc*********[email protected](416) 323-****
S**** B*****Presidents**********[email protected](416) 323-****
R***** B****Vice President, Cineplex Mediar**********[email protected](416) 323-****
C******** C****Account Managerc*************[email protected](416) 323-****
G***** F********Executive Director, Sales - Cineplex Mediag**************[email protected]
A*** F*********Chief Legal Officera*************[email protected]
D**** G*****Director, Sales Supportd**********[email protected]
C**** J******Account Manager, Atlantic Canadac***********[email protected]
E**** J****President & Chief Executive Officere*********[email protected]
M****** K******Executive Vice President - Filmed Entertainmentm*************[email protected]
B*** K*****Manager, Retail Account - Cineplex Mediab*********[email protected]
G***** N*****Chief Finance Officerg***********[email protected]
G*** N*****Chief Financial Officerg*********[email protected]
P*** N****Executive Vice President, Operationsp********[email protected]
D** M******Chief Operating Officerd*********[email protected]
B*** L********Vice President, Event Cinemab************[email protected]
M*** L*****Director, Business Developmentm*********[email protected]
K**** L****Account Manager - Calgary, Manitoba & Saskatchewank*********[email protected]
B*** L******Account Manager - Nationalb**********[email protected]
M*** L****Design Directorm********[email protected]
H****** M*******Account Managerh**************[email protected]
P** M*******Vice President, Communication & Investor Relationsp**********[email protected]
A***** P***Executive Director, Salesa*********[email protected]
J**** P*******Senior Account Directorj************[email protected]
G***** S******Executive Vice President, Corporate Development & Strategyg************[email protected]
D***** S*****Vice President, Operations - Quebec & Northeastern Canadad***********[email protected]
D**** S****Vice President, Software Solutionsd*********[email protected]
D***** S******Vice President, Marketingd************[email protected]
F** S*********General Manager - Digital Mediaf************[email protected]
E* V****Senior Account Directore******[email protected]
Last Updated on Jan 30, 2020