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CHS, Inc.


CHS, Inc. is one of the largest agricultural cooperative's in the U.S. The company supplies grain-based food, food ingredients and energy products to food industries around the world and has a fast growing chain of convenience stores. CHS, Inc. is headquartered in Inver Grove Heights, MN.
(651) 355-6000
Inver Grove Heights, MN USA
Primary Address:
5500 Cenex Drive
Inver Grove Heights, MN 55077
Parent Company:
CHS, Inc.

Employees (21)

NameTitleEmailPhone NumberSocial Media
J** B*****Chairman - Senior Management Team & Director - Brokerage Services - CHS Hedgingj********[email protected](651) 355-****
D**** B****Chief Strategy & Information Officer & Senior Vice Presidentd*********[email protected](651) 355-****
D*** C****Vice President, Propaned********[email protected](651) 355-****
S****** C*********Executive Vice President - Enterprise Strategys****************[email protected](651) 355-****
J** D*******President & Chief Executive Officerj**********[email protected](651) 355-****
(651) 355-****
A****** D*****Director, Marketing Communicationsa************[email protected](651) 355-****
D*** D******Vice President, Lubricantsd**********[email protected](651) 355-****
R*** D****Vice Presidentr********[email protected](651) 355-****
J*** E******Vice President, Government Affairsj**********[email protected](651) 355-****
K****** F*****Senior Vice President, Marketing Communicationsk************[email protected]
J*** H*****Director, State Government Affairsj*********[email protected]
J***** H*******Stewardship Directorj*************[email protected]
B*** H****Marketing Managerb********[email protected]
A***** H******Director, ReFined Fuels Marketinga************[email protected]
M****** J******Director, Strategic Marketingm*************[email protected]
J*** ** L****Vice President, Corporate Compliancej********[email protected]
L**** T***Vice President, Marketing Communicationsl********[email protected]
K*** T*****Vice President, Animal Nutritionk*********[email protected]
K******* T*******Director, Marketing Communicationsk***************[email protected]
B*** W******Vice President, Insurance Risk Managementb**********[email protected]
J**** ** Z****General Counsel & Executive Vice Presidentj*********[email protected]
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