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Canyon Ranch, Inc.


Canyon Ranch, Inc., headquartered in Tucson, AZ, operates health and wellness resort spas. Canyon Ranch, Inc. provides their guests with the opportunity to take advantage of their staff of dietitians, licensed therapists, exercise physiologists, and physicians in order to promote healthier and happier well-lived lives.
(520) 749-9655
Tucson, AZ USA
Primary Address:
8600 East Rockcliff Road
Tucson, AZ 85750
Parent Company:
Canyon Ranch, Inc.

Employees (10)

NameTitleEmailPhone NumberSocial Media
C******* B********Vice President, People Servicesc********[email protected](520) 749-****
R*** B*****Project Manager, Marketingr*****[email protected](520) 749-****
R****** B*******Vice President, Strategic Initiativesr*******[email protected]
R****** ** C******Chief Health Innovations Officerr******[email protected]
E**** C********Corporate Marketing Manager, Brand Extensionse********[email protected](520) 749-****
K*** F******Digital Designerk******[email protected]
M*** F********Chief Marketing Officerm********[email protected]
S**** N***Senior Vice President & Chief Information Officers***[email protected]
J*** K*****Chief Executive Officerj*****[email protected]
T***** P*****Marketing Managert*****[email protected]
Last Updated on Jan 30, 2020