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Cable News Network


Cable News Network LP broadcasts 24-hour television news coverage to people throughout the world. The company's global headquarters operate out of the CNN-Center in Atlanta, GA. The news network is a division of Turner Broadcasting System, Inc. *
(404) 827-1500
Atlanta, GA USA
Primary Address:
One CNN Center
Atlanta, GA 30303
Parent Company:
Cable News Network

Employees (41)

NameTitleEmailPhone NumberSocial Media
J******* A****Vice President, Sports Programming - CNN Sportsj************[email protected](404) 827-****
J*** A******Vice President, Programming - U.S.j**********[email protected](404) 827-****
R*** B*******Director, Digitalr***********[email protected](212) 275-****
I**** B***Manager, News Solutions & Content Partnerships(212) 275-****
J******* B****Senior Manager, Audience Acquistionj************[email protected](404) 827-****
M*** C*******Vice President, Digital Productsm***********[email protected](404) 827-****
D***** C*****President, CNN Airport Networkd************[email protected](404) 827-****
(404) 827-****
K****** C****Executive Vice President, Advertising Sales & Marketing - Turner Broadcasting Systemk***********[email protected](212) 275-****
(212) 275-****
J******* D***Vice President, eSportsj***********[email protected](404) 827-****
(404) 575-****
C****** D******Senior Director, Media Relations, Communications & Brand Marketingc*************[email protected](212) 275-****
M****** D*****Vice President, Communicationsm*********[email protected](404) 827-****
A** E******Executive Vice President, Talent & Content Development - CNN Worldwidea*********[email protected](404) 827-****
R**** E******Vice President, Talent Recruitment & Developmentr***********[email protected](404) 827-****
W*** F*****Vice President & Group Creative Creative Director
A*** F****Senior Vice President, Growth Marketinga********[email protected]
R**** G*******Senior Vice President, Research & Schedulingr************[email protected]
A****** G******Social Media Directora*************[email protected]
L*** H****Senior Director, CNN Creative Marketingl********[email protected]
L****** J*********Director, Content Partnerships & Portfolio Solutionsl****************[email protected]
K** J****Executive Vice Presidentk*******[email protected]
K****** K********Senior Manager, Campaign Strategy - Turner Broadcasting Systemk***************[email protected]
C******** K****Assistant Managing Editorc*************[email protected]
A***** M****Executive Vice President, Editorial & General Manager, CNN Digital Global Operationsa**********[email protected]
J******* M*******Senior Director, Product Advertising, Performance Media & Data Strategyj***************[email protected]
T* L***Writer & Producer
M** L****Product - Emerging Products & Platforms
R*** L******Senior Vice President, Creative Marketing & Brand Standardsr**********[email protected]
C******** M*******Producerc****************[email protected]
A****** P*****Senior Director, Brand & Multiplatform Researcha************[email protected]
R*** R***President - CNNI Commercialr*******[email protected]
J****** R****Senior Director - Product, CNN+, Video Experience & Platformsj***********[email protected]
M***** S*******Senior Vice President & Head, Content Partnerships- Turner Broadcasting Systemm************[email protected]
E* S******Senior Vice President & General Manager - CNN Collectione********[email protected]
E**** T*****Associate Media Directore**********[email protected]
D***** T***Vice President, Digital Products
K**** T****Vice President, Global Marketing Operationsk*********[email protected]
A**** V******Manager, Content Partnerships, News Solutionsa***********[email protected]
L**** V********Manager, Brand Marketing & Awardsl*************[email protected]
D******* W***Associate Director, Integrated Marketingd***********[email protected]
R****** W*****Senior Manager, Promotion Placementr************[email protected]
Z****** W***Managing Editor - CNN Politicsz**********[email protected]
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