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Brown-Forman Corporation


Brown-Forman Corporation is a diversified producer and marketer of consumer beverage products. The company offers super-premium, premium, and developing liquors and wines available globally and regionally. The company markets and sells various categories of products, such as Tennessee, Canadian, and Kentucky whiskies, Kentucky bourbon, California sparkling wine, Tequila, table wine, liqueurs, vodka, rum, gin, and ready-to-drink products.
(502) 585-1100
Louisville, KY USA
Primary Address:
850 Dixie Highway
Louisville, KY 40210-1038
Parent Company:
Brown-Forman Corporation

Employees (155)

NameTitleEmailPhone NumberSocial Media
G**** A****Global Brand Manager, Jack Daniel's Tennessee Apple & Rye Whiskeyg*********[email protected](502) 585-****
M******* A****Brand Manager, Brown-Forman Brandm************[email protected](502) 585-****
K**** A*******Manager, Public Relations - U.S. Brandsk************[email protected](502) 585-****
(614) 204-****
N*** A***n*******[email protected](502) 585-****
K**** A*******State Manager - Kansask************[email protected](502) 585-****
M*** B****Senior Vice President & Managing Director - Woodford Reservem********[email protected](502) 585-****
A***** B******Director, Environmental Health & Safetya**********[email protected](502) 585-****
K**** B*****Manager, Integrated Marketing Communications - Sonoma Cutrer & Korbelk**********[email protected](502) 585-****
(847) 772-****
C**** B******Customer Marketing Manager - On-Premisec***********[email protected](502) 585-****
M***** B*****Chief Brands Officerm***********[email protected](502) 585-****
P**** B*******Field Marketing Managerp************[email protected](502) 585-****
M*** B******Vice President & Global Brand Director - Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskeym**********[email protected](502) 585-****
M****** B******Multicultural Field Marketing Manager - Jack Daniel'sm*************[email protected](502) 585-****
D****** B****General Manager - MI, IA, MO, AR, KSd***********[email protected](502) 585-****
B**** B****On-Premise Market Managerb*********[email protected](502) 585-****
M****** B*****Senior Vice President & Managing Director Global Emerging Brandsm************[email protected](502) 585-****
(502) 876-****
D**** B***Senior Brand Managerd********[email protected](502) 585-****
E*** B******e**********[email protected](502) 585-****
C******* B****President & Chairman - Old Foresterc************[email protected](502) 585-****
(502) 403-****
A** B******Director, Digital Compliancea*********[email protected](502) 585-****
J**** B*****Regional Marketing Directorj**********[email protected](502) 585-****
G****** B****Vice President & Finance Director - USA & Canadag***********[email protected](502) 585-****
J* C*****Director Strategy & Brand Analyticsj*******[email protected](502) 585-****
J** C*****Field Marketing Manager - Portfolioj********[email protected](502) 585-****
E****** C*****Brand Director, Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey - U.S. & Canadae*******[email protected](502) 585-****
K**** C********On-Premise Customer Account Manager- Central Divisionk*************[email protected](502) 585-****
D***** C*******Portfolio Director, Ready-To-Drinkd*************[email protected](502) 585-****
L***** C*******Global Agency Integration Director & Chief, Staff - Jack Daniel'sl*************[email protected](502) 585-****
J*** C***Director, Integrated Marketing Communications - Jack Daniel's Brandsj*******[email protected](502) 585-****
E******** C*****Director, External Communicationse**************[email protected](502) 585-****
(502) 774-****
S****** C*****Insights Director- Global Brandss************[email protected](502) 585-****
A***** C**Global Integrated Marketing Communications Specialista********[email protected](502) 585-****
J**** C****Customer Marketing Manager - On-Premise National Accountsj*********[email protected](502) 585-****
M** C***Vice President & Managing Director - Tequilam******[email protected](502) 585-****
L***** C*********Senior Vice President & Chief Financial Officerl***************[email protected](502) 585-****
F******* d* *****Multicultural Marketing Manager - USA & Canadaf**************[email protected](502) 585-****
R**** D* *******Chief Diversity Officer, Senior Vice President & Global Community Relations Officerr*************[email protected](502) 585-****
(502) 774-****
T****** D****Director, People & Organizational Developmentt***********[email protected](502) 585-****
E*** D*******Vice President & Global Director, Workplace Strategies, Employee & Guest Experiencee***********[email protected](502) 585-****
T***** D*****Integrated Marketing Manager - Global Jack Daniel'st***********[email protected](502) 585-****
A***** D*****Manager, Emerging Brands Public Relationsa***********[email protected](502) 585-****
(502) 774-****
M**** E***Associate, Global Brand - Tequilasm********[email protected](502) 585-****
L**** E******Director, Global Digital Intelligence & Capability - Integrated Marketing Communicationsl**********[email protected](502) 585-****
L****** E****Brand Manager - Coopers' Craft & King of Kentuckyl***********[email protected](502) 585-****
P***** E***Vice President & Managing Director, Global Emerging Brandsp*******[email protected](502) 585-****
M****** E*******Manager, Global Public Relations - Tequilasm**************[email protected]
L*** E****l********[email protected]
M******* F*****Senior Vice President & President - Europem*************[email protected]
B**** F*********Senior Vice President, Treasurer & Director, Tax Strategy & Brand Analyticsb**************[email protected]
J**** F*****Global Brand Associate, Modern Media - El Jimadorj**********[email protected]
A***** F*****Director, Consumer & Shopper Insights - USA & Canadaa***********[email protected]
R** F********Vice President & Director, Corporate Brand & Communicationsr***********[email protected]
B******* G******Brand Manager - Woodford Reserve Family Brandsb**************[email protected]
D***** G******Territory Portfolio Managerd************[email protected]
C******** G*****Vice President, People Strategy, Analytics & Rewardsc********[email protected]
L*** G***l*******[email protected]
L****** G****Manager, Integrated Marketing Communications & Omnichannel - U.S. & Canadal***********[email protected]
A*** G*******Manager, Learning & Developmenta***********[email protected]
M*** G*********Vice President & Group Brand Director - Tequilasm*************[email protected]
S**** H*****Creative Director, Marketings**********[email protected]
M****** H****General Counsel, Secretary & Executive Vice Presidentm********[email protected]
D**** H***Director, Finance Division
K****** H*****Chief People, Places & Communications Officer & Senior Vice Presidentk************[email protected]
J*** H****President - U.S. & Canadaj********[email protected]
A*** H****Manager, Brand - Jack Daniel's Tennesee Apple & Tennessee Honeya********[email protected]
H*** H*****ePremise Account Manager - Central Regionh*********[email protected]
A*** H***Region Finance Directora*******[email protected]
M*** H*******Regional Marketing Directorm***********[email protected]
T** H***Senior Analyst, Communicationt******[email protected]
J*** H***Executive Director, Brown-Forman Foundationj*******[email protected]
H****** H*****Director, Trademark & Innovation - Jack Daniel'sh************[email protected]
P****** H*****Manager, Brand Analytics - Jack Daniel's Flavors & Gentleman Jackp************[email protected]
L*** H*****Global Marketing Directorl*********[email protected]
C****** H*********Creative Director, Global Designc****************[email protected]
B****** H***Executive Director, DendriFundb**********[email protected]
S**** J*****Director, Global Public Relationss**********[email protected]
P**** J******Global Marketing Administratorp***********[email protected]
B**** J*******Director, Integrated Marketing Communicationsb************[email protected]
M***** J******Global Manager, Integrated Marketing Communications - Woodford Reserve & Old Foresterm************[email protected]
T***** J******Vice President & Group Brand Director, Woodford Reserve Bourbon Brandst************[email protected]
A***** J******Senior Brand Manager, Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskeya************[email protected]
T** K********State Manager - CTt***********[email protected]
C******* K*****Associate Manager,Licensingc*************[email protected]
T*** K******Brand Director - Korbel California Champagnest**********[email protected]
M****** K***Vice President & Director, Human Resources - North America Regionm**********[email protected]
J***** M******Director, Global Insights Platformsj************[email protected]
T** N***Chief Information Officer & Senior Vice Presidentt******[email protected]
J***** N***Senior Manager, Global Planning & Insights - Tequilasj*********[email protected]
C**** N*****c**********[email protected]
K**** N*****Chief Accounting Officerk**********[email protected]
D**** N*****Vice President, Human Resources & Director, Global Commercial Organizationd**********[email protected]
A** O*******Art Directora*********[email protected]
S***** M****Director, Communication Operations & Corporate Recognitions**********[email protected]
A*** M****Out-of-Home Media Supervisora********[email protected]
A***** M********Global Brand Manager - Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskeya************[email protected]
V******* M********On-Premise Shopper Insights Leadv****************[email protected]
M******* L*****Manager, Global Mediam*************[email protected]
J**** L***Senior Manager, Brand - Old Forester Bourbonj******[email protected]
C**** L******Manager, Community Relations - Sponsorshipsc***********[email protected]
K****** L******Global Digital Manager - Woodford Reservek*************[email protected]
M****** L***Vice President, Human Resource & Director, Finance & Information Technologym**********[email protected]
G*** L*****g*********[email protected]
H***** L****h**********[email protected]
A**** M*******Director, Global Media Strategya************[email protected]
J****** M*********Global Brand - Jack Daniel's Super Premium Brandsj****************[email protected]
A** M*******Manager, Area Marketing - Global Travel Retaila**********[email protected]
M*** **** O*****Brand Director, Jack Daniel's Super Premium Portfolio - U.S. & Canadam*************[email protected]
D***** O***Senior Global Wellbeing Specialistd*********[email protected]
J**** O****Brand Group Director - Tequila Brands US & Canadaj*********[email protected]
D**** P***State Manager - Heartland ILd********[email protected]
A***** P***Lead Global Supply Chain Analysta*********[email protected]
C***** P****Chief, Staff - Office, Chief Brands Officerc**********[email protected]
M***** P***Communications & Information Manager - U.S. & Canadam*********[email protected]
C****** P*******Vice President & Human Resources Director, Global Productionc**************[email protected]
L**** P****Vice President & Director, Emerging Brandsl*********[email protected]
C***** P*****Manager, Environmental Performance & Safetyc***********[email protected]
C**** P******Manager, Public Relations & Partnerships - Woodford Reservec***********[email protected]
N*** P******Senior Vice President & Director, Global Marketing, Communications & Planningn**********[email protected]
J**** R***Senior Manager, Infrastructure Engineering & Operationsj********[email protected]
O***** R*****Global Brand Manager, Fords Gino***********[email protected]
L***** R*******Global Senior Brand Manager, Super Premium American Whiskeyl*************[email protected]
L***** R*******Brand Management - Jack Daniel'sl*************[email protected]
J****** R****Associate Brand Manager - Finlandia Vodkaj***********[email protected]
R***** R*****Manager, Field Marketing - Premium Whiskiesr***********[email protected]
M**** R*****Manager, Integrated Marketing Communications - Emerging Brandsm**********[email protected]
W**** R***Vice President & Group Brand Director - Established Brandsw********[email protected]
S*** R***Manager, Customer Marketings*******[email protected]
C********** S*****c**********[email protected]
A***** S******Associate Manager, Brand - el Jimadora************[email protected]
C**** S******Director, Finance Analytic Capabilitiesc***********[email protected]
D**** S*****Director Advanced Analyticsd**********[email protected]
S**** S**********On Premise Market Managers***************[email protected]
T*** S******Associate Brand Manager - Korbel Champagne & Sonoma-Cutrer Vineyardst**********[email protected]
J******* S*******Director, Marketing - East Regionj***************[email protected]
A***** S****Vice President & Director, Human Resource - Marketing, Legal, Public Affairs, Compliance & Communicationsa**********[email protected]
T***** S****Director, Digital Marketingt**********[email protected]
L*** S******Senior Vice President & Chief, Staffl**********[email protected]
A** S*******Senior Vice President & Region Managing Directora**********[email protected]
T**** T**********Senior Brand Manager - Sonoma-Cutrert***************[email protected]
J*** T*******Vice President & Managing Director, Tequila Brandsj***********[email protected]
M*** T***Director, Portfolio Operationsm*******[email protected]
C**** T******On-Premise Market Managerc***********[email protected]
I*** T***State Manager - New Mexicoi*******[email protected]
A**** T*****a**********[email protected]
M*** U******Senior Global Brand Manager - Slane Whiskey & Chambord Liqueurm**********[email protected]
M******* V******Senior Project Managerm**************[email protected]
E*** V***Revenue Growth Manager, U.S. & Canadae*******[email protected]
S*** W*******Senior Brand Manager, Emerging Brands - Slane Irish Whiskeys***********[email protected]
K******* W*****Associate Manager, Brandk*************[email protected]
J****** W*****Market Manager - Emerging Brands
L***** W******President & Chief Executive Officerl************[email protected]
K***** W******Creative Director, Global Design Teamk************[email protected]
C****** W*******Vice President & Director, Human Resourcec**************[email protected]
J******* W***Director, Brand Integration - Woodford Reservej***********[email protected]
S***** Y*****Senior Group Manager, Category Developments***********[email protected]
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