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BP America, Inc.


British Petroleum, commonly known as BP is the world's largest integrated oil corporation. The company's main business is in exploring, producing, and refining crude oil and natural gas. BP is also a leader in the global search for new energy alternatives, and produces solar energy panels. BP America, Inc. is headquartered in Houston, TX. NOTE: As a privately held subsidiary of a publicly traded parent company, annual revenue and employee count are not readily available. Therefore, the revenue and employee figures presented below are those of the parent company. **
(281) 366-2000
Houston, TX USA
Primary Address:
501 Westlake Park Boulevard
Houston, TX 77079
Parent Company:
BP America, Inc.

Employees (45)

NameTitleEmailPhone NumberSocial Media
F******** A********Vice President, Technologya*******[email protected](281) 366-****
D**** A******Vice President, Upstream Information Technology&S & Operations Organizationd***********[email protected](630) 420-****
L*** A***Manager, Distributor Strategyl*******[email protected](630) 420-****
J*** B********Marketing Communications Manager - B2Bj***************[email protected](630) 420-****
J*** B*****Digital Marketing Managerj*********[email protected](281) 366-****
C**** B******Associate Director, National Strategic Relationships & Initiatives - STEM Programmingc***********[email protected](281) 366-****
J*** B****Project Manager - Subseaj********[email protected](630) 420-****
J* B********Vice President, Design, Brand & Communicationsj**********[email protected](630) 420-****
(312) 594-****
S**** B****Manager, Loyaltys*********[email protected](630) 420-****
M*** B****Strategist - Regulatory Issuesm********[email protected](630) 420-****
B**** C******Press Officerb***********[email protected](281) 366-****
(281) 366-****
H******* C***Vice President, Strategic Development & Environmental Productsh***********[email protected](630) 420-****
D*** C*********Senior Vice President Regulatory Affairsd*************[email protected](281) 366-****
V****** C*** *******Senior Director - Regulatory Advocacy & Policyv**********[email protected](630) 420-****
G****** D** ****Franchise Business Consultantg*************[email protected](630) 420-****
R** D****** ***Chief Diversity Officerr*********[email protected](630) 420-****
D*** D****Division Sales Manager - Thorntonsd***********[email protected](630) 420-****
R*** F******Analyst - Commodity Riskr*************[email protected]
J*** F*****Head - Microsoft Platformsj*********[email protected]
G*** F*****Senior Vice President, Mobility & Convenience - Americasg************[email protected]
J*** F*Head, Procurement Category - Fluids & Chemical Managed Servicej*****[email protected]
T*** H*******Executive Director - BP Foundationt***********[email protected]
J******* H******Specialist, Social Mediaj**************[email protected]
S** H*****Vice President, Sales - Commercial Fuels & Asphalt
J*** H****Manager, Commlj********[email protected]
L*** H*******Vice President, Communications & External Affairs & Directorl***********[email protected]
T** M******Crisis Communications Directort*********[email protected]
E*** N******Group General Counsele**********[email protected]
B*** M******Operations Development Analystb**********[email protected]
C***** M*******President - Toledo Refinery Holding Companyc*************[email protected]
M******* L*****Director, Marketing Servicesm*************[email protected]
J******* L**Business Development Lead, BP Target Neutral - Americasj**********[email protected]
E**** L****Regional Business Development Managere*********[email protected]
H******* M********Vice President, Operationsh****************[email protected]
C****** M*******Planner - Spacec**************[email protected]
J*** M****Chairman & Presidentj********[email protected]
B** P*********Director, Crisis Management GCROb************[email protected]
K***** R******Head, Communications & External Affairs, Global Business Servicesk************[email protected]
L**** S******Director, Trading & Offer Development - West Coastl***********[email protected]
D****** S***Director, Structured Productsd**********[email protected]
F***** T******Manager, Advertising & Marketingf************[email protected]
J**** T******Director, Diversity & Inclusionj***********[email protected]
M****** T*****Vice President, Biogas Originationm*************[email protected]
L**** T*****Head - Internal Communicationl**********[email protected]
L**** V** *** *****Manager, Capability Developmentl***************[email protected]
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