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Beam Suntory, Inc.


(312) 964-6999
Chicago, IL USA
Primary Address:
222 West Merchandise Mart Plaza
Chicago, IL 60654
Parent Company:
Beam Suntory, Inc.

Employees (86)

NameTitleEmailPhone NumberSocial Media
B****** A******** *****Associate Manager, Social Media Strategyb***************[email protected](312) 964-****
K**** A*****Brand Manager, Basil Hayden's & Legentk**********[email protected](312) 964-****
M********* A********Senior Marketing Director, RTD & Refreshment Platformsm******************[email protected](312) 964-****
(847) 444-****
F******* A*******Global Brand Manager - Maker's Markf***************[email protected](312) 964-****
A***** B*****President & Chief Executive Officera***********[email protected](312) 964-****
B*** B***Associate Brand Managerb*******[email protected](416) 849-****
S**** B********Manager, Brand & Commercial - Irish Whiskeys*************[email protected](312) 964-****
K*** B********Creative Director, Maker's Markk************[email protected](312) 964-****
L** B******Senior Manager, U.S. Commercial Insights & Reportingl*********[email protected](312) 964-****
T** B*******Director Global Marketing - Jim Beamt**********[email protected](312) 964-****
A**** C*****Global Marketing Managera**********[email protected](312) 964-****
E**** C*****Director, Commercial Marketinge**********[email protected](312) 964-****
L***** C*******Digital Lead, Global Digital Marketingl*************[email protected](312) 964-****
M******* C****Senior Director, Commercial Planning(312) 964-****
(847) 682-****
M****** C***Brand Manager, House of Suntory Spiritsm**********[email protected](312) 964-****
J******* C********Regional Manager, Field Marketing - Franchisej****************[email protected](312) 964-****
D** C****Senior Director, Public Relations & Social MediaD*******[email protected](312) 964-****
K**** *** C******Manager, Global Social Media Strategyk***********[email protected](312) 964-****
K***** C*****k***********[email protected](312) 964-****
E****** C*****Associate Brand Manager - Jim Beam Globale************[email protected](312) 964-****
K******* D**********Director, Global Brand Educationk******************[email protected](312) 964-****
(847) 444-****
J** D*****Senior Director, Global Marketing & Americas Procurementj********[email protected](312) 964-****
B**** D****Associate Creative Director - Spirits & Wineb*********[email protected](312) 964-****
B******* D*****Media Directorb*************[email protected](312) 964-****
L****** E******Director, Marketing - Bourbon RTD Innovationl*************[email protected](312) 964-****
A***** E****Director, Consumers Insights - Americas Whiskies & Gina**********[email protected](312) 964-****
P**** E*******Senior Vice President & Global Chief Human Resources Officerp************[email protected](312) 964-****
D*** F*******Senior Brand Manager, Maker's Markd***********[email protected]
R***** F*****Senior Manager, Global Consumer Insightsr***********[email protected]
A*** F*******Senior Director, Consumer & Marketplace Insightsa***********[email protected]
K**** F***Senior Brand Manager, Jim Beamk********[email protected]
K***** G********Brand Manager - Knob Creekk**************[email protected]
K*** G********Marketing Procurement Specialistk*************[email protected]
M******* G*****Senior Brand Manager, U.S. Tequilam*************[email protected]
K**** G********Senior Director, Marketing - West Regionk*************[email protected]
N**** G*****Vice President & Managing Director - Canadan**********[email protected]
P**** G******President - International Regional & Senior Vice Presidentp***********[email protected]
D***** G*****Senior Brand Manager - Luxury Spirits Portfoliod***********[email protected]
K**** H***Senior Brand Manager - Jim Beamk********[email protected]
R***** H*****Vice President, On Premiser***********[email protected]
C******* H***Senior Vice President, Corporate Communications & Public Affairsc***********[email protected]
G*** H*****President, North Americag***********[email protected]
D**** H*****Chief Supply Chain Officer & Senior Vice Presidentd**********[email protected]
D**** J*****Senior IT Manager - Global Commercial Salesd**********[email protected]
K**** J****Consumer Insights Managerk*********[email protected]
J****** K********Portfolio Platforms & Gifting Managerj***************[email protected]
C******** K*******Director, Consumer Marketing - On-Premisec****************[email protected]
R** N*****Senior Marketing Director - Jim Beamr********[email protected]
C******** N*****Senior Manager, Corporate Internal & Social Responsibility Communicationsc**************[email protected]
M** M*****Senior Brand Manager, Global Tequilam********[email protected]
M******* M***Senior Manager, Field Marketing - West Regionm***********[email protected]
T** M****Creative Directort*******[email protected]
D******* M******Brand Manager, Scotch & Rum Portfoliod**************[email protected]
E*** M*****Senior Director, Commercial Analytics & Insightse*********[email protected]
E**** M*******Senior Customer Marketing Managere************[email protected]
V******* M******Brand Manager, Sipsmithv**************[email protected]
B*** K*****Senior Marketing Director - US & Global Tequilab*********[email protected]
A***** L******Manager, Public Relationsa************[email protected]
E**** L****Senior Director, eCommerce, Digital Marketing & Salese*********[email protected]
J** M****Marketing Director, Super Premium Whiskeyj*******[email protected]
K** M******Vice President, Global Environmental Sustainabilityk*********[email protected]
L*** O**Corporate Communications Specialistl******[email protected]
M***** P****General Manager, U.S. Marketingm**********[email protected]
N******* P*******Senior Director, Maker's Mark - U.S.n***************[email protected]
M*** P****Senior Director, Marketing - North American Whiskeym********[email protected]
J** P*****Interim Managing Director - Courvoisierj********[email protected]
E*** P*****Marketing Assistant, Global Jim BeamE*********[email protected]
A****** R******Chief Information Officera*************[email protected]
C****** R*******Commercial Marketing Manager - Scotch & Japanese Whisky Portfolio
T****** R*******Director, Innovation - Tequilat**************[email protected]
C***** R*******Brand Director, World Whiskies & Cognacc*************[email protected]
K****** R**Brand Manager, Cruzan Rum, DeKuyper Cordials, Pinnacle Vodka & Canadian Clubk*********[email protected]
C*** R*****Senior Manager, National Account - eCommercec*********[email protected]
M*** R********Senior Field Marketing Manager, East Regionm************[email protected]
K** R***Vice President, National Accounts - On-Premisek******[email protected]
C******** R******Brand Manager, Bourbon - Central & Control Regionc***************[email protected]
V******* R******Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officerv**************[email protected]
K**** S****Vice President, Kentucky Beam Bourbon Affairsk*********[email protected]
J****** S*****President, Brandsj************[email protected]
J**** S*****Manager, Channel Sales, Off-Premise General Market - Southern Californiaj**********[email protected]
M*** ***** T*********Senior Vice President, Chief Financial Officerm*************[email protected]
D**** T***General Sales Manager - East Regiond********[email protected]
C****** W******Vice President, Marketing - Emerging Marketing Data & Technologyc************[email protected]
J******* W****Senior Global Brand Managerj**************[email protected]
C****** W*******Senior Brand Manager - Central Regionc**************[email protected]
E**** Y***Senior Director, Corporate CommunicationsE********[email protected]
Last Updated on Jan 30, 2020