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Assurant Solutions


Assurant Solutions is a provider of financial services and products. The company, a division of Assurant, Inc., offers banking, investment and insurance solutions and is headquartered in Miami, FL. ** NOTE: As a privately held subsidiary of a publicly traded parent company, annual revenue and employee count are not readily available. Therefore, the revenue and employee figures presented below are those of the parent company. **
(770) 763-1000
Atlanta, GA USA
Primary Address:
260 Interstate North Circle
Atlanta, GA 30339
Parent Company:
Assurant Solutions

Employees (17)

NameTitleEmailPhone NumberSocial Media
S****** A****Senior Manager, National Accountss***********[email protected](770) 763-****
E****** A*****Senior Vice President, Operations Transformation & Artificial Intelligencee************[email protected](305) 253-****
P**** A*******Vice President, Information Technology - Internationalp************[email protected](770) 763-****
K**** B****Assistant Vice President, Business Marketingk*********[email protected](770) 763-****
E**** B****Senior Vice President, Marketing & Brande*********[email protected](770) 763-****
J**** C****Senior Vice President, Connected Living Client Managementj*********[email protected](305) 253-****
M**** D********Creative Services Managerm*************[email protected](305) 253-****
A**** D*****Social Care Managera**********[email protected](305) 253-****
P****** E******Director, Creative Copyp*************[email protected](770) 763-****
J*** E***Vice President - Client Managementj*******[email protected](305) 253-****
C****** G********Media Buyer & Marketing Specialistc***************[email protected]
A*** M**Director, External Communicationsa******[email protected]
R***** N****Vice President, Digital Client Solutionsr**********[email protected]
K**** M*****Manager, Marketing Traffick**********[email protected]
R****** M****Senior Director, Corporate Communicationsr***********[email protected]
C******** M*******Director, Market Researchc****************[email protected]
R*** S******Vice President, Contact Center Operations - Connected Livingr**********[email protected]
Last Updated on Jan 30, 2020