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Apple, Inc.


The Macintosh computer system of the 1970's and 1980's are this company's claim to fame, but its innovative products continue to keep Apple at the technological forefront. Products include the iPod digital music player, the proprietary OS X operating system, and the iMac and MacBook computers; software, wireless networking products, and storage devices are also available.
(408) 996-1010
Cupertino, CA USA
Primary Address:
One Infinite Loop
Cupertino, CA 95014
Parent Company:
Apple, Inc.

Employees (184)

NameTitleEmailPhone NumberSocial Media
J**** A****Senior Director, Global Product Marketingj****[email protected](408) 996-****
M**** A*********Retail Online(408) 996-****
G***** A******Director, International Marketing - Apple TV+g******[email protected](408) 996-****
L***** A*****Customer Relationship Management Analyst, Email Marketing(647) 943-****
L*** A*******Lead Designerl*******[email protected](408) 996-****
O**** A********Head, Strategic Business Development(647) 943-****
J******* B*****Vice President, Internet Services - Apple Payj*****[email protected](408) 996-****
A*** B****Marketing, Apple Subscriptions(408) 996-****
J****** B******Accessibility Marketing & Community Managerj******[email protected](408) 996-****
(408) 974-****
A** B*******Senior Director, Corporate Public Relationsa*******[email protected](408) 996-****
(408) 862-****
B**** B******Manager, Digital Content Management(408) 996-****
B** B*******Vice President, Product Marketingr*******[email protected](408) 996-****
(925) 998-****
B****** B*****Connections Strategy & Worldwide Marketing Communicationsb*****[email protected](408) 996-****
J****** B******Social Strategy Lead(408) 996-****
M***** B****Head, Planning, Communications & Marketing Operations(408) 996-****
G**** B*****Head, Direct Marketing & Costumer Relationship Managementb****[email protected](408) 996-****
D**** B*****Creative Directord*****[email protected](408) 996-****
C***** C******Head, Program Management - Environment, Policy & Social Initiativesc************[email protected](408) 996-****
F**** C*******Senior Director, Global Product Marketing - Augmented Realityf****[email protected](408) 996-****
Z*** C*******Global Head, Digital Channelz*******[email protected](408) 996-****
D**** C****Director, Human Resourcesd****[email protected](408) 996-****
(408) 483-****
A**** C***Social Media Lead, Apple Newsa********[email protected](408) 996-****
T****** C***User Experience Designer Designert***[email protected](408) 996-****
J***** C***Senior Product Designer, Apple Health Special Projectsj***[email protected](408) 996-****
J******* C**Group Director, Strategy & Marketing Communicationsj**[email protected](408) 996-****
D******* C********Advertising Producer, Global Advertisingd********[email protected](408) 996-****
A***** C******Global Eventsa**************[email protected](408) 996-****
J***** C******Programming, Scheduling & Research, TV+(408) 996-****
T** C***Chief Executive Officert***[email protected](408) 996-****
S**** C*******Art Directorc****[email protected](408) 996-****
J******* C****Senior Manager, Strategic Initiatives & Sales Readiness - Education Field Marketingj****[email protected](408) 996-****
E*** C**Senior Vice President, Servicesc*[email protected](408) 996-****
D** C*******Product Director - Apple Pay & Wallet(408) 996-****
M*** D***Business Managerm***[email protected](408) 996-****
J**** D****Manager, Digital Marketing - iTunes, Apple Music, TV+, Apple Books, Apple News, Apple Podcasts, Apple Arcade & iCloudj****[email protected](408) 996-****
L****** D****Marketing Managerl****[email protected](408) 996-****
N***** d* ******Strategic Partnerships, Environment & Social Initiativesn*******[email protected](408) 996-****
B**** D*****Senior Post Production Producer(408) 996-****
S**** D******Senior Video Producers******[email protected](408) 996-****
P*** D*****Vice President, Product Marketingp*****[email protected](408) 996-****
K***** D*****Vice President, Product Marketing - iPhone & iPodk****[email protected](408) 996-****
D*** D*****Brand Integration Managerd*********[email protected](408) 996-****
A***** E****Engineer, Quality Assurance - Apple Paye***[email protected](408) 996-****
B**** E****Senior Technical Program Manager, Video - Apple Media Productsb*********[email protected](408) 996-****
J**** E******Head, Worldwide Video Programming(408) 996-****
S***** E************Manager, Growth Marketings******[email protected]
B** E****Senior Manager, Product Marketingb****[email protected]
G*** F****Manager, Global Lifestyle Marketing
C**** F********Senior Vice President, Software Engineeringf*******[email protected]
D***** F*******Marketing Attribution Product Managerd*******[email protected]
M*** F******Vice President - App Storem**********[email protected]
B****** F****Music Business Partnerships - R&B & Hip-Hop
C**** F*****Senior Director, Apple Pay & Walletc*****[email protected]
A**** G*****Chief Audit Executivea*****[email protected]
S**** G*******Director, Product - Apple TV App, Apple TV+ & Apple Ones*[email protected]
W****** G****Gloabl Product Manager, Digital Channelw****[email protected]
A***** G*****Environment, Policy & Social Initiativesa******[email protected]
S*** G********Manager, ITs**[email protected]
A***** G******Manager, Global Visual Merchandising & Launch Readinessa************[email protected]
D*** G******Sales Director, Beats & Accessories - US
D***** G*******Senior Project Lead - Brand Experience
S***** G*********Global Retail Marketings*********[email protected]
K****** G*******Manager, Platform Specialistk*****[email protected]
J*** G********Senior Director, Strategy
Y** G*******Manager, Digital Marketing - Americasy*[email protected]
V****** H*******Client Partner - App Store Search Adsv*******[email protected]
C****** H******Manager, Global B2B - iTunesc******[email protected]
J** H******Head, Content Design Production - Apple Music, Podcasts & Fitness+
K*** H********Senior Director, Marketing & Communicationsk********[email protected]
F***** H*****Demand Generation Cross-Functional Lead - Worldwide
B**** H******Director, Content Operations for Videob******[email protected]
D***** H****Program Manager, Global Search Engine Optimizationd**********[email protected]
S***** H****Product Manager
E*** J*****Creative Director
Z*** J*****Head, Brand Strategy - Apple Servicesz*****[email protected]
M*** J***Brand Manager, Apple Fitness+m***[email protected]
B**** J******Payment & Commerce Marketing Managerb******[email protected]
M****** J****Senior Director, Marketingm****[email protected]
B**** J****Senior Manager, Global Developer Relationsb***[email protected]
A***** J******Director, Environment, Policy, Social Initiatives, Race Equity & Justice Initiativea************[email protected]
A***** J*****Associate Creative Director
G*** J******Senior Vice President, Worldwide Marketingj*[email protected]
E*** J**Senior Manager, Product Marketing - Apple Watche**[email protected]
J**** K****Apple Card & Apple Pay Marketingj****[email protected]
R*** K**Video Subscription Marketingr******[email protected]
J**** K*****Art Directorj***[email protected]
A** K******Organic Social Media Marketinga******[email protected]
T** M*****Vice President, Marketing Communicationst*****[email protected]
R**** N********Senior Designer
J** N******Engineering Program Manager - Battery
A*** N********Business Affairs Manager - Canada
Y***** N***Head, Performance Marketing & Partner Tools - Apple Music, iTunes & App Storey***[email protected]
A** N****Senior Manager, Partner Engineering - Apple Pay
S*** N*Vice President, Product Marketing - Apple Watchs*[email protected]
C**** N******Creative Director
C**** M****Senior Director, Global Development Operations & Retail Real Estate & Developmentc****[email protected]
J**** M****Head, Marketing Strategy - Apple TV+j*****[email protected]
K***** M****Video Marketing: TV Partnerships Leadk*[email protected]
S***** M****Associate Creative Director
E**** M*****Director, Business Affairs & Global Marketing Communicationse*****[email protected]
C******** M*******Director, Corporate Communications
S******** M***Manager, Public Relationss************[email protected]
E***** M***** *******Worldwide Product & Partner Marketinge************[email protected]
T** M********Manager, Product Marketingt********[email protected]
C****** M*******Creative Director - Apple TV+ Marketingc**************[email protected]
S**** M*******Director, Marketing, App Stores*******[email protected]
A**** M*****Head, Marcom Analytics
D***** K********Senior Engineering Manager
R*** K********Coordinator, Marketing - Apple Cardr********[email protected]
J**** L******Product Manager - Apple News
W*** L***Project Manager
N*** L**Vice President, Marcom Integrationn**[email protected]
E**** L**Global Music & Culture Brand Marketing - Beats by Dr. Dree**[email protected]
A******* L**Series Marketing Lead - Apple TV+
J*** L**Designerj**[email protected]
W****** L********Product Manager, Apple Card & Apple Cashw********[email protected]
T**** L******Vice President
B****** L****Senior Creative, Brandb*****[email protected]
S***** L**Head, Corporate Communicationss**[email protected]
S**** L*******Senior Advertising Manager TV+, Marcoms*******[email protected]
K**** L****Vice President, Technologyk****[email protected]
C***** M*Product Manager - Apple Cardc*****[email protected]
L*** M******Chief Financial Officer & Senior Vice Presidentm*****[email protected]
T*** M***Product Designert***[email protected]
B******* M*****User Experience Designer[email protected]
A**** O*******Associate Creative Director
K**** P****Engineering Program Manager
K**** P******Senior Managing Producer, Interactivek***********[email protected]
S**** P**********Product Manager - Identity Services
B****** P****Platform Specialist - Search Adsb*****[email protected]
L**** R****Global Retail People Leaderl****[email protected]
B**** R******Director, Global Marketing & Visual Communicationsb******[email protected]
D** R*****Senior Vice President, Hardware Engineeringr****[email protected]
E** R*****Worldwide eCommerce Marketplace Leadere********[email protected]
J*** R*****Senior Marketing Lead - Apple Card
J*** R**Global Program Leader - Employee Experience & People Operationsj**[email protected]
K***** R*****Marketing Operations & Program Management
D*** R*********Head, Brand Integration
A***** R***Social Media Operations Leada*****[email protected]
E* R***Global Partnershipse*[email protected]
F*** S****Director, Corporate Communicationss***[email protected]
A***** S*********Global Brand Marketing Communicationsa*********[email protected]
M******* S*******Channel Support Account Managerm***************[email protected]
P*** S*******Apple Fellowp*****[email protected]
B******* S******Prototype Design Managers*******[email protected]
S**** S******Account Executive - Higher Educations*****[email protected]
C**** S***Worldwide Education Field Marketing
B********* S*****\Public Relationsb*****[email protected]
K***** S*****Marketing Manager - Channel Strategy & Go-To Market Planningk*****[email protected]
J**** S*****Senior Vice President, Hardware Technologys****[email protected]
J******* S******Manager, Global Partner Communicationsj******[email protected]
D***** S****Commercial Development - Music Publishing
F***** S***Head, Product - Home Servicesf***[email protected]
N***** T******Global Supply Managern******[email protected]
J**** T***Special Projects Editorj***[email protected]
D***** T***Senior Brand Strategistd*********[email protected]
S**** T******Director, Event Shared Services & Operationss******[email protected]
T*** T*****Vice President, Advertising Platforms - App Store Search & Apple News
I**** T***Integrated Marketing Lead - App Store
C******** T***Human Interface Designerc***[email protected]
T****** T*******Vice President, Product Marketing - Apple TV, HomePod & AirPods
L***** V*****Manager, XF Retaill**********[email protected]
Z*** V** ******Head, Worldwide Video Programmingz********[email protected]
C**** V** ******Head, Video Marketing - Apple TV +c*[email protected]
C**** V** ******Head, Video Marketingc********[email protected]
B**** V*********Supplier, Social Responsibilityv********[email protected]
G***** V*****Digital Strategy
N*** W*****Senior Content Producer - Apple Media Products
C***** W***Manager, iTunes Programc***[email protected]
J**** W******Worldwide Director, Operations - Marketing Communications
K**** W******Partner Managerk******[email protected]
C***** W****Manager, Marketingc**********[email protected]
J***** W****People Support Specialistj****[email protected]
T***** W********Head, Media Planning & Buying - Apple Media Productst****[email protected]
B****** W***Vice President, Inclusion & Diversity
D*** W*****Brand Director, Marketing Communicationsd*********[email protected]
B***** W*******Recruiter
J*** W*******Chief Operating Officerj*******[email protected]
L***** W*****Worldwide Sales Strategy & Business Development
K****** W***Senior Data Analystk***[email protected]
R***** W***Senior Manager, Global Developer Relationsr****[email protected]
S****** Y**Head, Marketing - Videos********[email protected]
G**** Y**Marketing, Apple Card & Apple Payg*******[email protected]
L*** Z****Customer Marketing Lead - Apple Cardl********[email protected]
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