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Amazon.com, Inc.


Amazon.com, based in Seattle, WA, started as an online bookstore is now one of the world's largest online consumer retail destinations. The website offers a variety of new, used and refurbished products including electronics, apparel & accessories, toys, CDs, DVDs and books. The web-retailer also has partnerships with retail stores.
(206) 266-1000
Seattle, WA USA
Primary Address:
440 Terry Avenue North
Seattle, WA 98109
Parent Company:
Amazon.com, Inc.

Employees (546)

NameTitleEmailPhone NumberSocial Media
E***** A*****Manager, Public Relationsa*****[email protected](206) 266-****
A***** A*****Director, Supply Chain - Software, Science & Producta*****[email protected](206) 266-****
P***** A******Applied Science Manager(310) 573-****
N*** A****** *******Senior Manager, Public Relations - Amazon Web Servicesn***[email protected](206) 266-****
G*** A****Director, Customer Service Operations - U.S.g*****[email protected](206) 266-****
J****** A******Risk Manager - Seller Reviews(206) 266-****
V***** A****Product Management, CloudFront(206) 266-****
L***** A******Program Manager, Amazon Air Network Planningl****[email protected](206) 266-****
(360) 606-****
M*** A*******Senior Product Manager, Amazon Advertising(206) 266-****
P****** A******Product Leader & EC2 Enterprise Product Management - Amazon Web Services(206) 266-****
D****** A****Creative Directora***[email protected](206) 266-****
A*** A*****Senior Manager, Product & Program Management - Alexa Skillsa***[email protected](206) 266-****
R*** A*********Marketing - Amazon Music (Podcasts)(206) 266-****
N***** A****Senior Account Manager(206) 266-****
E******** B****Head, Product Marketing(310) 573-****
R** B****Senior Business Analyst(206) 266-****
C**** B****Head, Owned & Operated Marketing Channels - Amazon Musicb***[email protected](206) 266-****
J** B********Director - Amazon Web Servicesj**[email protected](206) 266-****
D*** B******Director, User Experience Design & Research - Prime Videob******[email protected](206) 266-****
M****** B******Vendor Manager(206) 266-****
M*** B*******Solutions Architect - Amazon Web Services(206) 266-****
M****** B*****Vice President, Consumer Payments(206) 266-****
M*** B******Senior Account Manager, Amazon Web Services - DCb*****[email protected](206) 266-****
A*** B****Senior Manager, Marketing - North Americab****[email protected](206) 266-****
A**** B*******Senior Global Partner Marketing Leadb******[email protected](206) 266-****
(603) 300-****
A**** B******Senior Program Manager, Alexab*****[email protected](206) 266-****
R*** B***Senior Manager, Product Management - Tech, Alexa Identifyr******[email protected](206) 266-****
B*** B****Head, Worldwide Content Licensing - Prime Videob***[email protected](206) 266-****
M*** B*****Sport, Sales & Strategy Lead - Amazon Live(206) 266-****
C******** B********Senior Vice President, Consumer Categories - North America(206) 266-****
D**** B*****Senior Partner Development Manager, Public Sector Data Migrations(310) 573-****
A***** B******Senior Advertising Tech Account Executive(310) 573-****
K**** B*****Senior Product Marketing Managerk******[email protected](206) 266-****
J*** B********Senior Vice President, Global Media & Entertainmentj****[email protected](206) 266-****
(206) 266-****
J* B******Category Leader - Amazon Books & 4-Star(206) 266-****
H***** B******Senior Business Development Manager - Amazon Connect(206) 266-****
R** B******Head, Amazon Currency Converter - Sellersb*****[email protected](206) 266-****
S***** B*****Head, Media - Amazon Prime Videos***********[email protected](206) 266-****
A***** B****Head, Customer Engagement - Prime Video Internationalb****[email protected](206) 266-****
C**** B*****Head, U.S. OTT - Audio & Emerging Product Advertisingc*****[email protected](206) 266-****
S**** B*****Senior Product Manager(206) 266-****
S**** B***Vice President, Amazon Musics***[email protected](206) 266-****
L**** B****Senior Manager, Global Supply Chain Management - Amazon Diagnostics(206) 266-****
M****** B**Marketing Manager(206) 266-****
D******** B******Senior Software Engineer(206) 266-****
A****** B**********Managing Director, Productivity Apps & Business Developmentb**********[email protected](206) 266-****
R*** B********Public Relations Manager - Amazon Canada Operations(206) 266-****
M**** B*******Marketing Leader, Worldwide Public Sectorm****[email protected](206) 266-****
E*** B****Head, U.S Sports Marketing(206) 266-****
(201) 446-****
J*** B******Vice President, Managed Services - Amazon Web Servicesb*****[email protected](206) 266-****
B***** B******Head, Creative Production - Originals Marketingb************[email protected](310) 573-****
J******* B*****Senior Partner Marketing Manager(206) 266-****
(714) 363-****
A**** B****Senior DevOps Architectb****[email protected](206) 266-****
S***** B****Product Management Leader, Human Resourcess****[email protected](206) 266-****
H****** B****Senior Partner Developer Managerh****[email protected](310) 573-****
T** B*******Brand Account Executive, Amazon Advertising(206) 266-****
J** B******Business Intelligence Engineer - Amazon Web Servicesj******[email protected](206) 266-****
E**** B****Head, Marketing, Customer Relationship Management - ShopBope******[email protected]
J****** B*****Senior Manager, Recruiting Programsb*****[email protected](206) 266-****
J***** B****Director, Worldwide Sports Marketing & Strategic Programsj******[email protected](206) 266-****
(206) 266-****
T**** B*****Senior Manager, Ad Tech Salesb******[email protected](310) 573-****
J*** B*****Senior Product Manager - Fire TV(206) 266-****
J**** C*****Senior Creative Director - Originals Marketing(310) 573-****
K*** C*******Director, Global Media, Portfolio & Insightsk***[email protected](206) 266-****
(206) 266-****
M*** C*******Head, Global Communication - Amazon Web Servicesm*****[email protected](206) 266-****
Z*** C******Product Marketing Manager - Amazon Devices(206) 266-****
L*** C***Senior Manager, Nonprofit Business & Social Impactl******[email protected](206) 266-****
K****** C******Senior Program Manager, Specialty Retail Stores(206) 266-****
J** C*****Senior Vice President, Global Corporate Affairs(206) 266-****
M****** C***Vice President, Account Management, Marketing, Analytics & Insightsm******[email protected](206) 266-****
F***** C***Senior Manager, Worldwide Prime Partnership & Product Marketingf*********[email protected](206) 266-****
K******* C******Director, Executive & Specialty Recruitingk*****[email protected](206) 266-****
D**** C*****Senior Manager, Engagement(206) 266-****
S**** C*******Leader, Regional Marketing(206) 266-****
B*** C***Senior Product Manager, Amazon Payment Products - Gift Cardsb***[email protected](206) 266-****
B**** C*** *********Senior Manager, Supply Chain Operations, Instock & Program Management - Booksb****[email protected](206) 266-****
M****** C****Senior Technical Program Manager - Alexa International Quality(206) 266-****
B****** C****Senior Manager, Software Developmentb*****[email protected](206) 266-****
J*** C***Director, Software Developmentj***[email protected](206) 266-****
J*** C******Operating Manager - Amazon Digital Music - U.S., U.K., France, Italy, Spain, Germany & Japanj******[email protected](206) 266-****
B******* C******Senior Manager, Community Trust(206) 266-****
K**** C********Technical Advisor, Worldwide Consumer(206) 266-****
C******* C******Vice President, Global Brand & Fixed Marketingc*****[email protected](206) 266-****
C******** C***Marketing Manager, Amazon music(206) 266-****
(774) 218-****
A****** C****Principal - Global Amazon Advertising(310) 573-****
(510) 333-****
D****** C****Senior Manager, Marketing(206) 266-****
A***** C****Chief Operating Officer - Amazon Studiosa****[email protected](310) 573-****
(801) 550-****
K**** C**Account Manager - IMDbPro(310) 573-****
E*** C*****Senior Product Manager - Amazon Teens(206) 266-****
B**** C***Senior Product Manager(206) 266-****
J***** C****Program Manager, Go-To Market & Amazon Advertisingj****[email protected](206) 266-****
D*** C****Chief Executive Officer, Worldwide Consumer(206) 266-****
L** C*********Vice President, Infrastructure Finance - Amazon Web Services(206) 266-****
G*** C******Head, Global Franchise & Marketing - Amazon Studios(310) 573-****
T**** C******Senior Marketing Manager - Books & Kindle Contentk******[email protected](206) 266-****
T** C******Senior Business Coach(310) 573-****
B*** C***** *****Head, Campaign Management & Brand - Amazon Prime Video & Amazon Studiosr****[email protected](310) 573-****
M****** C*****Senior Program Manager - Alexa Music Internationalm*****[email protected](206) 266-****
R****** C*******Head, Sales Strategy & Operations - Energy BU(206) 266-****
R***** C***Head, Grocery Advertising Salesb*****[email protected](206) 266-****
D****** C***Manager, Software Development - Digital Signage Experience Tech Team(206) 266-****
A*** C***Senior Campaign Manager - Amazon Prime(206) 266-****
(310) 773-****
B******* C******Senior Global Marketing Manager(206) 266-****
A****** C*****Principal Product Managera*****[email protected](206) 266-****
M**** C*****LATAM Senior Marketing Manager(206) 266-****
S*** C***Senior Technical Product Manager - Amazon Digital Goods(206) 266-****
D***** D********Product Manager(206) 266-****
A*** D******Director & Head, Fire TV Product Marketingd******[email protected](206) 266-****
R**** D**Product & Customer Insights Manager(206) 266-****
A*** D****Manager, Product Marketing - Amazon Devicesd****[email protected](206) 266-****
A********* D***Program Manager(206) 266-****
M*** D****Head, Product Marketing - Alexa Autod***[email protected](310) 573-****
A***** D****Strategic Partnership Lead - Amazon Advertising(206) 266-****
A***** D*****Chief Marketing Officer - Alexa Autoa*****[email protected](206) 266-****
A***** D*******Account Manager(206) 266-****
W****** D******Senior Industry Marketing Manager(310) 573-****
J*** D******Senior Product Manager, Tech - Prime Videoj******[email protected](206) 266-****
A***** D********Senior Manager, Software & Video Games(206) 266-****
A***** D****Senior Regional Managera****[email protected](206) 266-****
J******* D****Manager, Software Development - Amazon Smilej****[email protected](206) 266-****
R**** E*****Senior Media Managerr*****[email protected](206) 266-****
J** E******Senior Manager, Alexa Healthj******[email protected](206) 266-****
S******* E****Public Relations Manager - Devices & Services(206) 266-****
B***** E*******Senior Manager, Product Quality - Amazon Fresh Stores(206) 266-****
(847) 477-****
R*** E*****General Manager, Amazon Devices(206) 266-****
A**** E********Partner Solutions Architect(310) 573-****
M******* E*****Senior Manager, Sales Account Management - Entertainmentl*****[email protected](206) 266-****
B**** E*******Head of Strategic Account Engagement, Public Sector(206) 266-****
O*** E*****Head, Marketing, Amazon Subscription Boxes & Product Discoverye****[email protected](206) 266-****
J****** E*******Senior Partner Marketing Manager
B***** F********Account Executive II - Health & Personal Care
E*** F********Senior Manager, Public Relations, Corporate Communications & External Relations
C****** F*******Global Creative Director- Amazon Musicc*******[email protected]
F**** F******Senior Manager, Analyst Relations - Amazon Web Servicesf*****[email protected]
J** F********Senior Manager, Product-Tech - Amazon Halo
C****** F****Senior Designer, Packaging
D*** F******Director, Global Mile Tech, Product & Analyticsf*****[email protected]
C******** F*****Sponsorship Program Manager
S***** F**********Creative Product Advisors**********[email protected]
A****** F****Senior Influencer Manager - ShopBopa******[email protected]
D**** F*******Senior Manager, Solutions Architecture - Global Life Sciences
J*** F****Senior Manager, Content Strategy
M*** F****Principal Product Manager - Technicalm****[email protected]
D** F*****Principal Design Directord*[email protected]
D**** F*******General Manager & Director, Amazon Fashiond*******[email protected]
S***** F******Senior Product Marketing Manager
S**** F****Director, The Climate Pledgef***[email protected]
W**** F*****Director, Amazon Fresh Groceryw*****[email protected]
G*** F******Directorg******[email protected]
M****** ** F*****Director, Product Management - AWS Security Servicesm******[email protected]
C**** F*****Head - Finance Services & Advertising Sales
T***** G******Account Representative II
W**** G*******Global Account Managerw****[email protected]
G*** G******Director, Professional Services Aerospace & Satellite, Worldwide Public Sector
M**** G*****Programmatic Solutions Consultantm***[email protected]
K***** G****Lead, Global Marketing - Amazon Prime Videok****[email protected]
S*** G*****Principal Product Managerg****[email protected]
R*** G*****Creative Producer, Sports
S**** G*****Editorial Director, Booksg****[email protected]
N*** G*******Global Brand Program Manager - Prime
B**** G***AWS Head of Customer Experience Operationsb***[email protected]
N**** G***Director, Advertising & Technical Advisor to Senior Vice Presidentn***[email protected]
S********** G*****Marketing Manager - Subscription Products
S**** G****Senior Product Marketing Manager
M****** G********Worldwide Head, Partner Marketing - Amazon Advertising
L****** G********Head, Global Diversity, Equity & Inclusionl******[email protected]
P****** G*****Principal Product Marketing Manager & Audio Advertising Lead
A*** G***Senior Manager, Product Management - Technical, Customer Engagement & Growtha***[email protected]
K**** G********Global Marketing Lead - Amazon Studiosk*************[email protected]
J**** G********Head, Global Marketing - Amazon Prime Videoj****[email protected]
L***** G*****Senior Manager, Business Management & Product Development - Amazon Private Fashion
S**** G*****Vice President, Human Resourcess*****[email protected]
E*** G*******Head, Social Advertisingg******[email protected]
P****** G****Principal Product Manager - AWS AI & MLp****[email protected]
C********** G*****Senior Manager, Artist Relations - Amazon Musicg****[email protected]
B**** G*****Head, Analytics & Media Management
R****** G**********Senior Vice President, Kindle Contentr**[email protected]
T******* G****Senior Manager, Marketing - Prime Video
R*** G********Head, Account Management & Strategic Account Services
N******* G*******Director, Communications
R**** G*****Principal Technical Program Manager
J******* G******Vendor Manager
H***** G******Marketing Manager, Employer Brand
R****** G*****Senior Product Manager - Retail Leadership Development
R*** G*****Manager Public Policy
L** G*******Senior Program Manager, Sustainable Transportationg******[email protected]
R*** G*******Vice President, AWS Databases & Analyticsg******[email protected]
A****** G******Senior Manager, International Proposals - Amazon Web Services
J**** G*****Manager, Online Product Management - Emerging Devicesj***[email protected]
M**** G***Head, Global Customer Engagement Events - Amazon Advertisingm***[email protected]
R***** G******Senior Product Marketing Manager, Alexa Kitchen Marketing
J**** G*****Head, International Media Strategy - Amazon Prime Videoj*****[email protected]
M***** G*****Programmatic Consultant
L***** H*****Recruiting Manager
W*** H*****Manager, Social Media Marketingh*****[email protected]
J******* H******Global Creative Marketing Lead - Amazon Prime Videoj******[email protected]
K**** H*********Head Outdoor Categories - Amazon Sports & Outdoorsh****[email protected]
F*** H*****West Coast Lead, Business Development, Program Management & Operations - Amazon Associatesf***[email protected]
K**** H********Vice President, Sort Centers & Surface Transportation - North America
A***** H*****Product Managera*****[email protected]
C******* H****Senior Product Manager, Amazon Gift Registries
R**** H*****Senior Manager, Topology & Analytics
S*** H*****Senior Marketing Manager
P****** H******Senior Manager, Sales & Business Development - Amazon Renewed
L****** H****Senior Product Manager - Prime Gaming & Mobilel*****[email protected]
T** H*******Senior Manager, Product & Engineeringh******[email protected]
D*** H*******Vice President, Worldwide Communicationsh******[email protected]
C*** H****World Business & Market Development - Life Insurancec****[email protected]
B***** H*******Senior Marketing Manager, Internal Brand Partnerships & Promotions - Prime Videob******[email protected]
B**** H***Creative Studio Managerb***[email protected]
A***** H*******Creative Program Manager, Sponsorship - Sports Division
D**** H***Head, Global Marketing - Payment Experienced****[email protected]
B****** H*****Senior Manager, Supply Chainb**[email protected]
L*** H****** *****Head, Global Marketing - Amazon Payh*****[email protected]
M*** H******Senior Vice President, Prime Video & Amazon Studiosm******[email protected]
H*** H***Principal - PeopleInsight
M******* H*****Manager, Strategic Advertising Partnershipsm******[email protected]
M****** H*******Vice President, Fresh Groceryh******[email protected]
D**** H******Senior Event Marketing Manager, Amazon Global Communitiesd******[email protected]
M*** H*****Marketing Manager - Prime Video
T*** H******Vice President, Global Marketing & Growth - Amazon Musict******[email protected]
B**** H******Vice President, Public Policyb******[email protected]
K**** H******Consumer Insights Lead, Content Innovation
E***** H****Senior Product Manager - Alexa
J***** H******General Manager, Issue Management
M**** I*****Head, Global Brand Marketing & Adsm*****[email protected]
V****** I******Senior Product Manager, EBC Toolsv****[email protected]
V***** I*****Senior Manager, Communicationsv*****[email protected]
M**** J*****Senior Creative Campaign Manager, Original Series & Film Marketing - Dramam**********[email protected]
C******* J*******Digital Engagement & Loyalty Leader
A***** J****President & Chief Executive Officera****[email protected]
B**** J***Vice President, Amazonian Experience & Technologyb****[email protected]
M**** J******Program Manager - Prime Now
R**** J******Senior New Business Development Manager - Blink
R*** J**Head, Growth Marketingr***[email protected]
R*** J*****Customer Care User Experience Designer, Pharmacyr**[email protected]
E*** J****Senior Product Manager - Alexa Entertainmente****[email protected]
S**** J******General Manager, Amazon Web Services Enterprise Applicationss******[email protected]
B**** J******Account Manager, Technical - Global Healthcare & Life Sciencesb******[email protected]
Z*** J******Director, International Advertising Sales & Global Accounts
M***** J****Head, Amazon Original & Exclusive Podcasts - Amazon Musicm*****[email protected]
T***** J****Global Marketing Manager - Alexat****[email protected]
S**** J*****Senior Operations Program Manager
D**** K*******Senior Manager, Digital Marketing
S**** K*****Senior Product Manager
D** K******Head, Marketing - Small Business Empowerment
B**** K*****Head, PC & Wireless Advertising Sales
D*** K*****Program Manager, Video Creative Studio
K**** K****Vice President, Product Management & Marketing
S***** K*****Senior Manager, Public Relations, Corporate Communication & Community
S***** K****Manager, Advertising Support & Operations
C****** K****Senior Human Resources Managerc*****[email protected]
C** K****Head, Public Relations, Prime Video, Amazon Studios, IMBd TV, and Sportsc*[email protected]
N***** K***Head, Digital Marketing - ShopBopn*********[email protected]
M*** K******Director & General Manager, Public Sector
M*** K*******Partnerships Lead, Strategic Accounts - Twitchm***********[email protected]
B*** K*********Senior Program Manager - Retail Store Development[email protected]
R****** K**Vice President, Marketing - Prime Video
K** K**Senior Product Manager - Digital Customer Experience Strategy
B**** K** *****Manager, Business Development & Strategic Partnerships - Alexa Voice Serviceb******[email protected]
R*** K***Principal, Business Development- Alexa Voice Services
G*** K*****General Manager & Director, Product Management & Marketing - Amazon Luna
S** K***Principal Product Marketing Manager - Halo
B******* K******Manager, Vendor - Juniors Footwear
R***** K***Sales Leaderk**[email protected]
D*** K***Program Managerd******[email protected]
R****** M********Senior Marketing Events Manager
V**** M******Senior Product Marketing Manager - Sponsored Products
K*** M***Senior Product Manager - Global Retail Trainingm**[email protected]
A***** M*********Senior Program Manager
L****** M****Senior Executive - Amazon Studios
F******* M*****Head, Demand-Side Platform Services
N***** M*******Senior Manager, Product & Engineeringn*****[email protected]
K**** N******Manager, Perfect Order Experience - Asia Pacific & Latin Americak******[email protected]
K**** N****Senior Strategic Partnership Manager
M******** N***Global Creative Director, Amazon Adsm***[email protected]
C****** N*****Head, Sports Partnerships - Amazon Prime Videon****[email protected]
M*** N*****Co-Head, Movies - Amazon Studios
A** N*****Head, Fashion Partnerships - Amazon Advertisingn******[email protected]
T*** N*****Principal Product Manager, Technicalt***[email protected]
D*** N******Senior Marketing Managerd******[email protected]
R****** N********Manager, Public Relations - Amazon Game Studiosn*****[email protected]
A***** N*******Senior Product Manager, Technology - Amazon Glown******[email protected]
A***** N*** *********General Manager - Amazon Technical Academya****[email protected]
M****** N*****Senior Manager, Electric Vehicle Product & Business Developmentm*****[email protected]
A** N****Senior Manager, Human Resourcesa**[email protected]
B******* M******Manager, Account
S*** M********Head, Global Communications & Influencer Marketing - ShopBops****[email protected]
M*** M****Senior Technical Account Manager
E*** M******Product Management, Amazon Advertisinge******[email protected]
P*** M******Vice President,Global Innovation Policy & Communicationp******[email protected]
M****** M***Senior Manager, Alexa Smart Homem******[email protected]
M***** M************Director, Devices & Services & Technical Advisor to Senior Vice President
L** M*********Senior Marketing Manager, Brand Protection
S*** M****Regional Director, Customer Service - Americass****[email protected]
E******** M*****Public Relations Managere*****[email protected]
M******* M*****Senior Manager, Strategic & Executive Communicationsm*****[email protected]
R*** M******Executive Creative Director - Amazon Prime Videor******[email protected]
B**** M******Vice President, Design Amazon Musicb******[email protected]
H**** M********General Manager, Amazon Web Services - Lambda
M****** M*********Head, Event Operationsm******[email protected]
K****** M********Search Engine Optimization Manager
S*** M*******Director, Artist Products & Services - Amazon Music
C**** M*******Director, Marketing & Online Experience - North Americam******[email protected]
A***** M******Senior Account Managera******[email protected]
A***** M********Senior Program Manager - User Experiencew*****[email protected]
S**** M****Senior Manager, Data Center Operations - Amazon Web Services
E*** M****Director, WW Partner Marketinge******[email protected]
R*** M*********Senior Manager, Product Management - Technicalr***[email protected]
M****** M*********Director, Product, Engineering & User Experience Design - Seller Support Experiencem******[email protected]
C****** M******Senior Campaign Manager
P** M*********Senior Programmatic Sales Leadp******[email protected]
S**** M*******Brand Marketing - Amazon Ads
J****** K****Head, Product Marketing - Amazon Freightj****[email protected]
P*** K****Senior Vice President, Advertising, Music & IMDbk***[email protected]
K******* K******Program Manager II - Transparency
P**** K******Vice President, Global Corporate Developmentp***[email protected]
B**** K*User Experience Designer
J***** K****Senior Brand Manager
R***** K****Manager, Product Management - Snow Family
J*** L***Senior Manager, Worldwide Public Sector Partners - Amazon Web Servicesj***[email protected]
S******** L*****Vice President, Grocerys******[email protected]
A**** L***Director & General Manager, Sports & Outdoorsl****[email protected]
J**** L**Senior Product Manager - Kindle
L***** L*******Principle Product Marketing Managerl****[email protected]
C**** L****Senior Manager, Product Managementc****[email protected]
M****** L*******Diversity Recruiterm*******[email protected]
B***** L****Senior Manager, Business Developmentb******[email protected]
D**** L**Head, Vendor Management - Mass Beauty
C***** L**Country Manager, Alexa Canada
C******** L**Vice President, Corporate Communicationsc***[email protected]
P******** L**Brand Campaign Managerl******[email protected]
L**** L*****Experiential Marketing, Amazon Devices - Alexa & FireTV
E******** L******Senior Product Marketing Manager - AmazonSmile
T**** L***Senior Demand Generation Manager - Amazon Web Services Marketplacet******[email protected]
M******* L*****Senior Enterprise Strategist, Strategic Initiatives, Non-profits & Social Impact Organizations - Amazon Web Servicesm*****[email protected]
J**** L***Senior Manager, Integrated Marketing - Amazon Advertising
E**** L***Associate Marketing Manager - ShopBope******[email protected]
A*** L****Director, Creative - Amazon Home & Lifestyle
D**** L****Head, Product Management, User Experience Design & Research - Amazon Devices
G******* L****Director, Visual Computing, GTM
K** L********Principal Partner Sales Managerk*****[email protected]
N*** L******Senior Vice President, Global Prime & Marketingn******[email protected]
V**** L*****Manager, Product Management - Amazon Global People Technologyl*****[email protected]
C******* L***Principal Product Manager, Technical, Subscribe & Save
K****** L***Senior Integration Program Manager
J**** L****Vice President, Advertising Salesj****[email protected]
D**** L*******Senior Account Executivel******[email protected]
D**** L*******Senior Product Manager - Amazon Lab126l******[email protected]
A*** L*****Marketing Manager - Amazon Fresh & Prime Nowa*****[email protected]
M****** L****Director, Advertising Sales Finance
T** L**Director, Product Managementt****[email protected]
R****** M***
R*** M*****Director - Amazon Web Servicesr*****[email protected]
R*** M******Senior Financial Analyst
V****** M*****Senior Creative Director, Global Brand Marketing - Amazon Prime Videom*****[email protected]
R*** M********Senior Global Brand Partnerships & Promotions Lead - Prime Videor************[email protected]
B****** M******Senior Account Executiveb******[email protected]
K**** M******Senior Product Manager
A*** M*****Senior Marketing Progam Manager
N*** M*****Principal Technical Program Manager, Special Projects
S**** M******Partner Account Manager
K****** M******Senior Manager, Corporate Communicationsk******[email protected]
R** M*****Manager, Software Development - AWS Learning Services
T** M********Partner Marketing Manager - ee4o
L***** M*********CPG Category Lead, Amazon Adsl****[email protected]
K**** M*******Senior Marketing Manager, Global
T***** M******Creative Director - Amazon Web Servicest******[email protected]
N****** M****Creative Director & Vertical Lead - Amazon Adsn****[email protected]
D**** O******Principal Product Manager, Technicald*****[email protected]
M**** O*****Senior Media Manager - Prime Videom*********[email protected]
R*** O*****Head, US Field Marketingr****[email protected]
S***** O****Senior Account Executives****[email protected]
S*** O********Group Creative Director, Amazon Halo
U***** O**Chief Marketing Officer - Prime Video & Amazon Studiosu****[email protected]
B**** O*******Chief Financial Officer & Senior Vice Presidento******[email protected]
K****** O****Manager, Advertising Partnerships - Sports, Outdoors & Toy Brandsk*****[email protected]
A**** O****Head, Marketing - Amazon Fashiona****[email protected]
C******* O****Vice President, Product Assurance, Risk & Securityo****[email protected]
E*** O***Senior Global Marketing & Creative Leade******[email protected]
B**** O**********Principal & Senior Practice Manager - AWS Cloud Infrastructure Architects
F******* P*******Head, Acquisition - Amazon Kids+ & Amazon Devices
J*** P****Principal Product Manager
K***** P***********Director, Global Outsourcing & Customer Servicek******[email protected]
D***** P***Head, Marketing - Retail Globalization & Internal Expansion
M***** P***Field Sales Effectiveness Lead
M*** P******Head, Global Sports Marketing - Amazon Prime Video
S**** P*****Senior Sales Account Manager - Amazon Ads
C***** P****Director, Global Advertising & Training - Amazon Advertisingc****[email protected]
E*** P******Senior Business Manager - Prime Nowp******[email protected]
M**** P*********Senior Account Executive, Amazon Advertising
J***** P*****Partner Enablement Managerp*****[email protected]
T***** P*****Group Creative Directort*****[email protected]
D**** P*******Senior Sports Marketing Manager, Prime Videod************[email protected]
S**** P*****Site Leadp******[email protected]
N****** P******Program Manager, Online Advertisingn*****[email protected]
E*** P*********Senior Account Executives***[email protected]
R*** P******Co-Head, Content & Programing - IMDb TVp*****[email protected]
L**** P*******General Manager, Prime Gaming
N***** P*****Senior Social Media Marketing Manager - Amazon Musicn*****[email protected]
R****** P*******Director, Customer Service - Americas Emergingr******[email protected]
K***** P*******Global Head, Artist Marketing - Amazon Music
A**** P*********Principal Product Manager, Emerging Devicesa***[email protected]
R**** P*****Senior Vice President & Head Scientist - Alexa
J**** P****Product Lead, Alexa's New Voice & Ziggyj****[email protected]
J**** Q****Senior Manager, Product Managementq***[email protected]
C**** R******Operations Manager
A***** R****Business Development & Go-to-Market Strategy, EC2 Core, Nitro Enclaves
A***** R****Global Enablement Lead - Channel Programs
C****** R*****Creative Directorc******[email protected]
J**** R******Manager, Events Marketing - Amazon Businessj******[email protected]
R*** R********Vice President, Amazon Music
K**** R****** ******Senior Account Executivek******[email protected]
T*** R*** ********Vice President, Alexa Experience & Echo Devicest***[email protected]
C****** R*****Industrial AI Product Marketing Lead
S***** R********Account Executive
S****** R*******Vice President, Global Controller & Principal Accounting Officers******[email protected]
K****** R*********Communications Strategist
N***** R****Principal Marketing Manager & Keynote Program Lead - Amazon Web Services
R****** R****Senior Channel Marketing Manager
E**** R******Director & Technical Advisor to Senior Vice President - Amazon Alexae******[email protected]
A****** R*****Publicity Principal
S******* R*****Senior Manager, Internal Communicationsr****[email protected]
S**** R*****Head, Content - Kindle Unlimited & Prime Reading
L* R*****Worldwide Partner Leader, Embedded Analytics
L** R*****Manager, Public Relations - Echo Devicesr******[email protected]
D**** R********Global Head, Brand Marketing & Social - Amazon Books & Kindle Contentd**[email protected]
C**** R********Chief Customer Officer - Shopbop
I*** R******Head, Investment & Business Development - Internationalr*****[email protected]
P**** R*****Head, Corporate Analyst Relationsp*****[email protected]
K**** ** R****Senior Manager, Alexa Experience - Internationalk****[email protected]
K******** R******Head, Channel Marketing - Amazon Advertisingk****[email protected]
M******** S*******Product Manager, Amazon Echos******[email protected]
L*** S***Senior Manager, Brand & Content - Amazon Explorel***[email protected]
J******* S****Head, Amazon Studios
G**** S******Global Senior Creative Director, Franchise Marketing
A*** S*****Senior Manager, Product Management - Consumer Robotics
S**** S****Global Corporate Communications Lead
A***** S*******Head, Entertainment & Culture Marketing - XCMa******[email protected]
K*** S*****Director, Public Relations - Consumer Retailk*****[email protected]
H**** S********Manager, Account
C**** S********Senior Creative Program Manager
J*** S******Senior User Experience Design & Research Manager - Amazon Halo
S****** S*******Head, Outbound Marketing, Amazon Advertising
A****** S****Senior Leader, Product Management - Supply Chain Optimization
E*** S***Senior Program Manager, Amazon Web Services Restricted Access Regionse***[email protected]
J***** S******Head, Marketing Operations - Amazon Fashionj******[email protected]
S** S****Head, International Business Affairss**[email protected]
A*** S***Director, New Advertising Products
L**** S******Loss Prevention Specialist
D**** S***Head, Brand Strategy - Amazon Advertising
J***** S***Principal, Global Energy IBUj*****[email protected]
B***** S***Lead Campaign & Creative Manager
M****** S******Head, Marketingm******[email protected]
M****** S******Head, Marketingm******[email protected]
D**** S******Account Executive, Podcast
D**** S****Technical Product Manager - Amazon Lab126
R****** S**********Marketing Manager
S**** S*****Director, EC2s*****[email protected]
S**** S******Account Manager, Strategy
I** S******Vice President, Selling Partner Services
M***** S****Head, Books Public Relationsm****[email protected]
R***** S*****Senior Go-to-Market Marketing Manager, Delivery Service Partner Program - Last Miler*****[email protected]
C****** S****Sales Managerc******[email protected]
K*** S******Senior Account Executives******[email protected]
R****** S******Global Verticals Senior Marketing Manager, CPG & High Tech
C**** S****Senior Marketing Manager - Amazon Advertising
A****** S*******Senior Account Executive - Amazon Advertisings*******[email protected]
C****** S*******Senior Content & Audience Marketing Managerc*******[email protected]
J****** S******Senior Product Marketing Manager
T****** S******Principal Account Manager, Amazon Advertisingt**[email protected]
J**** S********Senior Manager, Contracts - Amazon Publicationj****[email protected]
J***** S********Senior Field Product Marketing Lead
K******** S******Senior Account Executive, Amazon Advertising - Consumer Electronicsk******[email protected]
A***** S*****Program Manager - Amazon Advertisinga*****[email protected]
M******* S******Director, Corporate Eventsm******[email protected]
S**** S******Brand President - ShopBops****[email protected]
L**** S******Head, Marketing - comiXologys*****[email protected]
K***** S****Senior Account Executive - Amazon Advertisings****[email protected]
J**** S******Principal, Integrated Marketing, Amazon Advertising
A***** T******Software Development Manager - Amazon Selection & Catalog Systems
T** T*****Senior Vice President, Amazon Alexat****[email protected]
C*** T*****Digital Marketing Manager, Training & Certification
R*** T*****Senior Manager, Software Developmentr*****[email protected]
C*** T*******Director, Product Management & Go-To Market
A***** T*******Senior Briefing Program Managera*******[email protected]
J***** T******Principal Pricing Manager - Amazon Advertising
K******* T****Senior Marketing Manager, IMBd TVk****[email protected]
A***** T*****Creative Director, Alexa Personat*****[email protected]
A******** T*****Head, Consumer Packaged Goods Industry Marketinga*****[email protected]
C******* T**********Senior Product Marketing Manager - Echo & Alexa
T*** T***Senior Sales Leader
Q**** T***Technical Business Development - Alexa Mobile & Amazon Alexa
B**** T*****Marketing Technology & Generation Lead
S*** T*******Creative Strategy & Campaign Management Lead - IMDb TVt******[email protected]
C****** T*********Vice President, Amazon Devicesc******[email protected]
I** T***Senior Agency Partner Development Manager
A***** T*****Senior Program Manager, People Experience - Amazon Web Services
T**** T**Senior Partner Marketing Manager
M***** T****Senior Manager, Business Development - Amazon Alexat****[email protected]
T** T******Sales Managert*****[email protected]
J******* T*****Program Manager, Social Media & Customer Service Global Programs - Americas
J**** T****Director, Data & Analyticsj*****[email protected]
N**** U****Senior Sales Account Manager
D**** U*******Director, Product Management - Global Operationsd****[email protected]
K***** U****Team Leader - Amazon Currency Converterk*****[email protected]
J****** U****Head, Digital Content Programs - Amazon Web Services
K**** V******Account Executive
M***** V** *** *****Director, CPG US - Amazon Advertisingm*****[email protected]
J***** V**************Head, Marketing - Amazon Go
J***** V****Senior Product Manager - Amazon Fashion Techv***[email protected]
K**** V*******Principal, Product Marketing - Amazon Musicv******[email protected]
W***** V*****Chief Technology Officer & Vice Presidentw****[email protected]
C*** V*****Senior Business Manager - Multi-Channel Fulfillmentc***[email protected]
A** V*Lead, Digital Marketing & Demand Generation - Amazon Devices
S******** W*****Senior Media Manager - Amazon Music
M******* W******Senior Program Manager, Global Release Product Management - Amazon Advertisingm******[email protected]
D**** W******Senior Product Manager, Amazon Automotived******[email protected]
K** W*********Vice President, Software Engineering & Consumer Robotics
K****** W*****Head, Marketing & Brand - North America Amazon Paymentsk************[email protected]
C********** W******Director, Sustainability & Carbon
K**** W*****Director, Back to Business & Developer Marketing - Alexak*****[email protected]
M*** **** W***********Vice President, Technology
R***** W********Senior Product Marketing Manager
T***** W*****Head, Digital Advertisingt****[email protected]
C**** W*******Senior Media Managerc*******[email protected]
D**** W******Senior Program Manager, Paymentsd******[email protected]
J******* W*****Principal Product Manager - Fire TV Partner Productsj****[email protected]
L***** W**Account Executivel******[email protected]
E**** W******Public Relations - Physical Stores
K**** W*****Content Manager
D**** W******Senior Manager, Business Development - Alexa & Smart Homew******[email protected]
J**** X**Manager, Account
L**** X*Storage Product Marketing
V***** Y******Senior Manager, External Affairs
M*** Y*********General Manager, Control Servicesm**[email protected]
M****** Y**Director, Sustainability, Corporate Social Responsibility & Supplier Diversitym********[email protected]
R***** Y********Principal Executive Onboarding Partnerr*****[email protected]
C******* Y***Senior Marketing Manager
J*** Y***Campaign & Creative Manager
W********* Y*Director, Worldwide Marketing Products & Technologyw*[email protected]
V***** Y** ***Science Advisor, Amazon Advertising
J*** Y*******General Manager, Amazon Search Sciencej******[email protected]
J*** Z********Head, Integrated Creative Production - Prime Video Global Marketing
L**** Z******Senior Media Managerl******[email protected]
D**** Z*******Senior Vice President, General Counsel & Secretaryz******[email protected]
Last Updated on Jan 30, 2020