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Allergan, Inc.


Allergan, Inc, is a pharmaceutical and medical device company that researches and develops products for specific diseases in the opthamology, neuroscience and dermatology markets. Headquartered in Irvine, CA, Allergan, Inc. manufactures and markets a variety of aesthetic medical products as well, including breast implants, acne medications, injectable skin treatments and eye care products.
(714) 246-4500
Irvine, CA USA
Primary Address:
2525 Dupont Drive
Irvine, CA 92612
Parent Company:
Allergan, Inc.

Employees (33)

NameTitleEmailPhone NumberSocial Media
B**** B******Associate Director, Digital Campaign Operationsb***********[email protected]
A***** B*****Director, Digital Strategy & Operationsa***********[email protected](714) 246-****
M*** B*****Executive Director, Glaucoma Marketingm*********[email protected](714) 246-****
M****** B***Director, Toxin Differentiationm**********[email protected](714) 246-****
(949) 466-****
T*** C******Vice President, Marketing - Neurosciences & Urologyc**********[email protected](714) 246-****
C*** C*******Associate Vice President, Juvaderm Marketingc***********[email protected](714) 246-****
J********* D*****Associate Director, Payer Marketing - Eye Carej***************[email protected](714) 246-****
B**** F***Director, Marketingb********[email protected]
J*** F******Global Scientific Communications Associate
E**** G******Director, Communication & Public Relationsg***********[email protected]
Y**** H*****Senior Vice President & Head, Research & Developmenth**********[email protected]
S**** H****Chief Medical Officer & Director, Medical Communicationsk*****[email protected]
A***** I******Executive Director, Communications & Branding - Allergan Aestheticsa************[email protected]
R***** K*****Executive Director, Retina Marketingk***********[email protected]
J******* ** K********Chief Compliance Officer & Executive Vice Presidentj****************[email protected]
W****** M****Chief Commercial Officerw***********[email protected]
C****** M******Vice President, Marketing - Facial AestheticsM*************[email protected]
T**** L**********Associate Vice President, Consumer & Multi-Channel Marketing - Abbviek**********[email protected]
D*** L******Vice President, Sales & Marketing - U.S. Eye Carel***********[email protected]
K***** ** L*Director, Regulatory Affairsl*******[email protected]
C******** L*Director, Marketing Technologyl**********[email protected]
C*** L********Associate Vice President, Marketing Botoxl************[email protected]
J**** R*********Product Director, Presbyopia Marketingj**************[email protected]
G**** S****Consumer Marketing Manager, BOTOX Cosmeticg*********[email protected]
H**** S*****Executive Director, Consumer Marketings**********[email protected]
J***** S****General Manager, Global Commercial Development, Eye Cares**********[email protected]
C**** S*****Chief Medical Officer & Trial Management Analyst
S**** S****Associate Vice President, Public Relations & Communicationss*********[email protected]
K******* S****Product Director, Botox Cosmetics************[email protected]
J*** T***Executive Marketing Director, BOTOX Neurosciencest*******[email protected]
D***** T***Senior Director, Strategic MarketingT*********[email protected]
K**** V***Executive Director, Market Access Supply Chain Marketingk*******[email protected]
S**** Y******Regional Director, West - Eye Carey***********[email protected]
Last Updated on Jan 30, 2020