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AETN International


Headquartered in New York, AETN International, a joint venture of The Hearst Corporation and Disney-ABC, Inc., is a media company that owns satellite and television networks. AETN International's networks include the biography channel, A&E, the history channel and the crime & investigation network. ** NOTE: As a privately held subsidiary of a publicly traded parent company, annual revenue and employee count are not readily available. Therefore, the revenue and employee figures presented below are those of the parent company. **
(212) 210-1400
New York, NY USA
Primary Address:
235 East 45th Street
New York, NY 10017
Parent Company:
AETN International

Employees (74)

NameTitleEmailPhone NumberSocial Media
C********** B****Senior Vice President & Head, Finance - Advertising Sales, International & Digitalc***************[email protected](212) 210-****
(212) 210-****
L** B******Vice President, Revenue Operationsl*********[email protected](212) 210-****
L** B******Vice President, Revenue Operationsl*********[email protected](212) 210-****
(212) 210-****
I**** B****Vice Presidenti*********[email protected](212) 210-****
M****** B*******Vice President, Program Partnerships & Enthusiast Brandsm**************[email protected](212) 210-****
P*** B*******President - A&E Studios & A&E Networks Portfolio Groupp***********[email protected](212) 210-****
J****** C*****Director, Consumer Marketing - Historyj************[email protected](310) 556-****
(212) 351-****
J** C****Senior Director, Advanced Advertiser Solutionsj*******[email protected](212) 210-****
M***** C*****Manager, Integrated Marketingm***********[email protected](212) 210-****
(212) 857-****
D**** D******Executive Vice President, Advertising Sales, Partnerships & Marketingd***********[email protected](212) 210-****
(212) 424-****
K******* D*****Vice President, Corporate Development, Strategy & Integrationk*************[email protected](212) 210-****
(212) 210-****
M*** D******Senior Vice President, Development & Programming - Historym**********[email protected](212) 210-****
E**** D*******Vice President, Advertising Sales - Midwest Regione************[email protected](212) 210-****
(248) 680-****
E*** D****Director, Client Strategy & Insightse********[email protected](212) 210-****
N***** D******Senior Vice President, Advertising Salesn************[email protected](212) 210-****
T*** E****Director, Research & Ad Sales Strategic Insightst***********[email protected](212) 210-****
M***** F*****Director, Advertising Sales Marketingm***********[email protected]
M****** F*****Executive Vice President, Corporate Communicationsm************[email protected]
L**** F*****Senior Vice President, Unscripted Programming & Co-Productionsl**********[email protected]
L******* F*** ********Executive Assistant, Corporate Outreachl***************[email protected]
E***** F******* ******Executive Vice President & Head, Programminge*******************[email protected]
B**** G*******Vice President, Content Sales - A+E Networksb************[email protected]
L*** G******Senior Vice President, Publicity - A&E Studiosl**********[email protected]
M*** G*****Senior Vice President, Business Development, Analytics & Distribution Marketingm*********[email protected]
D**** G**************Chief Financial Officer & Chief Operating Officerd*******************[email protected]
M***** G****Vice President, Digital Strategy, Partnerships & Business Developmentm**********[email protected]
A****** G********Director, Advertising Sales Strategya***************[email protected]
E**** H******Senior Vice President, Precision & Performance Advertising Salese***********[email protected]
L**** H*****Vice President, Consumer Marketing & Medial**********[email protected]
C**** H****Creative Directorc*********[email protected]
B**** J****Senior Vice President, Advertising Sales - A&E, History & H2b*********[email protected]
V**** K***Senior Vice President, Corporate & International Communicationsv********[email protected]
M*** K***Vice President, Advertising Sales - A&E, History, Lifetime, Lifetime Movies, FYI & Vicelandm*******[email protected]
K**** K*****Senior Manager, Distribution & Multiplatform Research Analyticsk**********[email protected]
R****** M*******Vice President, Precision & Performance Audience Salesr**************[email protected]
L***** M*******Senior Director, Branded Contentl*************[email protected]
K**** M********Senior Vice President, Client Strategy & Insightsk*************[email protected]
G*** M*******Executive Vice President & Head - Programming, Lifetime Unscripted & FYIg***********[email protected]
S***** K******Vice President, Ad Sales Administration & Finances************[email protected]
C**** L****Account Executivec*********[email protected]
T**** L******Vice President, Experiential Marketing & Brand Activationst***********[email protected]
T**** L****Executive Vice President, Original Moviest****[email protected]
E**** L******Senior Vice President & Head, Sales - Americas & Formatse***********[email protected]
L*** L********* ******Senior Vice President, National Ad Salesl*********[email protected]
D****** L*****Vice President, Advertising Sales & Strategic Insightsd************[email protected]
S****** M****Vice President, Consumer Marketing & Strategys***********[email protected]
J** M*****Vice President, Advertising & Sponsorship Salesj********[email protected]
M**** O********Vice Presidentm************[email protected]
P**** O****Executive Vice President, National Advertising Salesp*********[email protected]
C******** O****Vice President, Advertising Sales - Midwest Regionc*************[email protected]
S***** P***Vice President, Advertising Sales Planning & Strategys*********[email protected]
H****** P********Vice President, Publicityh***************[email protected]
T***** P*********Vice President, Corporate & Public Affairs - Corporate Social Responsibilityt***************[email protected]
J*** R***Executive Vice President, Content Distribution & Marketingj*******[email protected]
D** R*****Senior Vice President, Product Research & Consumer Insightd********[email protected]
R***** S*******President, Programmingb************[email protected]
R** S*******President, Programming - A&E, Lifetime & Historyr**********[email protected]
S**** S******Vice President, Distribution - Digital Content Monetization & Strategys***********[email protected]
D** S********Senior Vice President, Communicationsd***********[email protected]
M*** S********Executive Assistantm************[email protected]
T**** S****Senior Director, Publicity - Lifetime Televisiont*********[email protected]
J****** S******Director, CRM & Email Marketinj*************[email protected]
L**** S****Senior Vice President, Branded Content & Managing Director - The Bridgel*********[email protected]
J****** S****Senior Vice President, Corporate Brand Strategyj***********[email protected]
D** S*****Vice President, Analyticsd********[email protected]
A***** S*******Coordinator, Marketinga*************[email protected]
M****** T******Senior Vice President, Revenue Researchm*************[email protected]
K**** T*****Vice President, Marketing & Communications - Internationalk**********[email protected]
P**** T******Vice President, Programming & Biography Channelp***********[email protected]
J** T*****Vice President, Digital Marketingj********[email protected]
S**** W*****Vice President, Client Strategy & Insightss**********[email protected]
J**** Y********Vice President, Public Relationsj*************[email protected]
J******* Y******Director, Marketing Analyticsj**************[email protected]
D**** Z****President, Distributiond*********[email protected]
Last Updated on Jan 30, 2020